Fox in the Henhouse


I’ve figured out why the government hasn’t sealed our southern border yet. No, it isn’t because one or both political parties are hoping to lock down the Hispanic vote. It isn’t because it’s too costly or unpatriotic or a logistical headache. Our real problem isn’t with illegal immigrants. We certainly don’t need to worry about terrorists slipping over the unsecure border, either. Why? Because we’ve been infiltrated by the enemy up to our eye teeth. Might as well leave the door open. The fox is already in the henhouse and he’s smack dab in the middle, drooling and licking his chops, deciding where to begin. Sad part is, he’s been in the chicken coop for thirty years or more, and hasn’t even tried wearing a fake beak and feathers. Don’t bother calling the farmer, either. He left the gate open a long time ago. Somebody is going to be dinner.

The fox is an Islamist; an Islamist is someone who believes that there should be Islamic law all over the world – Sharia law, to be exact – and that it should replace all other forms of government. An Islamist isn’t shy about telling you this either. Oh, they’ll water it down, throw neutrally charged phrases at you, and dance around it like it was some pretty bonfire. When you boil all the poop out of it, though, it’s still the active desire to impose Islamic law around the globe. This fact isn’t even a secret. Islamists have been telling the world this for decades, and will have their way through persuasion or force. Here’s the truly scary part, dear reader: they have tried both on numerous occasions and have pretty much learned that the best way to take over a Western country isn’t through violent Jihad. No, that just makes everyone mad at them. Islamists have figured out that they can achieve victory through the subtle infiltration of our legislative, judicial and administrative branches of government. They don’t need to chop down or burn up the tree of liberty. All they have to do is burrow through the roots and into the tree itself, and then eat it from the inside out. The fox only has to make friends with the farmer to gain access to the hen house.

Islamists have been hiding in plain sight among us for years, slowly but surely weaving their way into our government. You know that the democratic process is a bureaucratic juggernaut and that in order for any real change to come, it takes years of constant and steady effort by many dedicated people working at all levels to win popular support. We didn’t abolish slavery or allow women the right to vote overnight. Islamists have figured out that to replace the Constitution with Sharia law, they have to do it gradually so that when it finally happens, we the people won’t be able to counter it. I can hear you thinking ‘there’s no WAY our government would allow those bastards to take us over!’ but it’s already happening, and is so insidious that even now we might not be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. ¬†Islamists have successfully inserted themselves into our system, in practically every department of our government, from the White House to the FBI, from the Department of Homeland Security to the National Chamber of Commerce, from the Pentagon to the platoon, and getting them out will be as hard as extracting a grain of sand from a barrel of grits.

Here’s how bad it is, my friend. Try speaking out against the Islamist agenda (remember, it is the institution of a global Caliphate, or worldwide Sharia law in which Islam is the only religion and government). Try speaking out against it and you will be called an Islamophobe. Try convincing the news media to warn people against it and you’ll be treated with thugish tactics designed to shut you up. Try exercising your First Amendment rights and you will be labeled a racist and hate monger. The Islamist movement has so successfully permeated our culture that if a government employee tries to sound the alarm, he or she is sent to sensitivity training. When Nidal Hasan, a self-proclaimed Islamist, went on a killing rampage in what should have been the safest place for our soldiers, his actions were called ‘workplace violence’ instead of a terrorist attack. When we point out the obvious – that he was engaged in the Islamist-sanctioned act of Jihad – we are accused of pandering to partisan politicking. In April of this year a top instructor for the war college (which trains our officers to defeat our enemies) was fired because he taught that we should wage war against radical Islam. Go ahead and Google ‘Islamism in the US government’ and ‘political Islam,’ then spend an hour or so browsing the sources you trust. It is so big the average person would not believe it is happening under his very nose.

There’s a fox in the henhouse, and it’s hungry. It’s time we arm the poultry.

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