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Where Will You Be When The Lights Go Out?


It looks like it’s going to happen. As sure as the sun rises, it seems destined to happen. History has warned us over and over again, but we still race forward into the darkness that awaits us. It’s as if we are all living in the bowels of a gigantic ship, wrapped up in our own daily survival and too busy to climb to the deck and see where the vessel is plowing us toward. We’d rather let the loudest and seemingly more ambitious of us move onto the deck full of promises of ‘setting a new course’ or ‘doing what is best for you’. Once these boisterous and responsibly acting agents of our well being get a taste of life above the masses, and once they get properly plugged into the machinations of the ship, they immediately forget about the rest of us and become instant stewards of the course that has been set. Where is this ship heading? Why, to the inky void of our own destruction.

From time to time a citizen of the hold crawls their way to the deck and is able to understand the impending gloom and our doom in our near future, and they come back to try and wake the others up to the grim reality. If he or she is sufficiently alarmed and outraged, a group of likeminded inhabitants will raise enough of a ruckus that our cries of injustice will grow loud enough to reach some of the smaller machine parts and cause them to tremble, and when machine parts start trembling, it’s only a matter of time before they break down.  What does the cadre of the craft do? Why, they toss goodies into the hold such as food stamps, practically perpetual unemployment payments, welfare, free phones and low interest home loans, all mixed in with a stupendous sense of entitlement.  The machine silently encourages the media industry to provide a plethora of distractions and misinformation. The machine drenches the masses with immorality and illegality by turning a corrupt blind eye to it, even defending it. We hear phrases echoed from above such as ‘redistribution of wealth,’ ‘you didn’t build that yourself’ and ‘trust us to do the right thing.’ These mantras are spoken with such conviction and vigor that many are fooled into believing the lies.

We are told that it is perfectly alright and downright patriotic to allow a constant horde of strangers begin climbing from portholes into the hold, taking jobs that the machine assures us we don’t want to do anyway. We get in trouble when we raise concerns about a group of people who admittedly want to kill us all in the name of their God. We are ostracized when we oppose the dismantling of traditional marriage. We are chained when we oppose the murder of millions of lives through unnecessary abortions. We are reviled when we put our light upon a hill, even though that light is the only thing that will save the ship from plunging into political and spiritual obscurity.

This ship – the United States of America – is being piloted by the Prince of Darkness. Our moral compass has been crushed underfoot, and we are barreling toward a gate both wide and broad. If we are to survive we must have a mutiny, my fellow shipmates. We are quickly running out of time, though. I’m afraid it may be too late, but I pray it isn’t. Find your voice, find your light, find your courage and find your faith. This may be our last chance.

Our Friend Needs a Light


I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the US we sometimes have a skewed way of dealing with problems. For instance, every city – give or take a few – has at least one intersection that needs to have a traffic light but doesn’t, for whatever reason (though it often boils down to either not having enough, or not wanting to spend, money). The poor drivers who have to cross over must often wait until the way is clear, or take a daring chance and shoot the gap, hoping to make it across without hitting or being hit by another vehicle. This usually continues until enough fender benders, or a couple of fatalities, cause an outcry from the commuters or neighborhood residents that just can’t be ignored by the local council. Then you will be amazed how quickly the funds magically appear to place a traffic light up at the intersection.

In the late 1930s, Nazi Germany became quite a serious problem in Europe. Our staunchest ally, the British, pleaded for the US to step in militarily, and though we sympathized with them, we were reluctant to involve our military, especially after surviving a crippling depression and still mourning the loss of over one hundred thousand soldiers in World War I.  These were excuses made by enough isolationists to cause our government to refuse to enter into war. On Sept 7, 1940, the German Luftwaffe began what now is called The Blitz, or the systematic bombing of Great Britain, and it wasn’t until November 8th, 1942 that we finally put boots to the ground against the Germans (and it was in North Africa).  In other words, it took more than quite a few casualties for the US to throw up a traffic light.  The result of our hesitation caused significant loss of life and irreplaceable property damage to our closest friends. Thank God for men like Winston Churchill who were brave and bold and unflinching in the face of complete destruction.

Here we go again, friends and neighbors.  Our British brothers are facing a far more serious threat to their survival in the form of radical Islam. They can’t even cross the street without being beheaded.  Muslims are marching the streets carrying signs that say “MASSACRE THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and “EUROPE YOU WILL PAY, EXTERMINATION IS ON ITS WAY” and “FREEDOM GO TO HELL” and “BE PREPARED FOR THE REAL HOLOCAUST” to name just a few. Islam is working hard to institute sharia law worldwide. Let’s be blunt: they want to dominate and control the world. Does that remind you of anyone, mein freund? That’s not even the scariest part. It’s working. Sympathetic judges around the world are allowing sharia law to settle differences between people in their courts. I found this nugget in Wikipedia: “In September 2008, newspapers in the United Kingdom stated the government had ‘quietly sanctioned’ the recognition of sharia courts.”  If the British far left is anything like the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist bleeding hearts here in the states, they are probably intimidated by radical Islam’s aggression and drinking double shots of diversity and sensitivity flavoured kool-aid while spoon feeding the populace their drivel about tolerance and religious freedom. They ignore the fact that radical Islam is completely focused on dominating the entire world by coercion and force. Meanwhile, the average British citizen lives in terror. Oh, there are political parties who are acutely aware of the threat, like the British Freedom Party and the British Nationalist Party, and they are doing their best to combat radical Islam through the legislative system. Then there are groups such as the English Defense League and the 4 Freedoms Community who are constantly raising the alarm on both the streets of Great Britain and on the internet.

Meanwhile, we Yankees are milling about over here with our heads full of hearing about political corruption while there is a steady and daily increase in those who latch onto the government tit with an Obama phone in one hand and food stamps in the other, just wanting to be left alone. Reader, our friend the British are fighting for their lives as you sit here reading this article. One thing is for certain: if we sit back and let England become a slave of Islam, we are next. Don’t wait until the sword is on your neck! Join the United States Defense League (, sign up with ACT! for America (, find out who your state representative and senators are and write and call them, urging them to action in helping Great Britain and our own country, watch the video at, ask your pastor to speak about the alarming threat of Islamic world domination and how it would be a devastating blow to Christianity, start a blog, educate yourself, prepare yourself for the gathering storm. There will come a time when you’ll have to cross that intersection, and I pray there will be a light to help you across.


Smoke and Mirrors

ImageIs it just me, or does there seem to be some kind of smoke and mirrors coming from the government sponsored news media? (that term is to be inclusive, as all the networks appear to have marionette strings attached) Some form of bait-and-switch, some sort of Menage-a-card, some version of diversion, some slight of hand? Seems we the public were given enough information about corruption and the theft of  liberty to whet our appetite for answers, but just when you think someone might get to the bottom of it all (you know, that thing we call truth, that supersedes justice?), a new story comes along and pushes the filth of corruption under the carpet. This one is called Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA employee who exposed the agency’s wanton and unprecedented collection of information from American citizens using telephone and internet surveillance via a top secret program called PRISM . While politicians call him a traitor, an instantaneous tsunami of grassroots support is overwhelming social media, and rightly so.  Collect data on the terrorists, like the monsters who detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon, not the average Joe down the street, for cryin’ out loud! We don’t even know the full scope of the NSA’s nefarious deeds, and if the major news organizations have their way, the whole mess will be buried under a cloud of accusations and espionage. The Benghazi incident was just a dress rehearsal. “It was a blasphemous movie that caused the riots.” Uh huh. That excuse was as thin as my hairline. Now the liberal media wants us to pay attention to this brave fellow’s whereabouts and activities hoping we will forget the raging storm within the Beltway.  A growing number of us (multiplying daily) see the deception and refuse to let the truth settle back in the fog of lies and distraction.

Something’s trying to be covered up, my friends, something so Orwellian and Machaivellian that even the most out of touch of us will sit up and shout our outrage. And here we thought the threat to our freedom would come from outside our borders. Little did we know our own government would spy on us, then slit our throats and hang us out to die if we don’t agree with the establishment. Thank God for Edward Snowden, not for being a diversion, but for being brave enough to point out the Emperor’s new clothes. Because of him, we are finally able to see a card up the sleeve, we are able to disperse the smoke and break the mirrors, we are able to discern the seed of truth buried in a pile of steaming manure. Don’t let the news networks blind you, my friends. Our government needs to be seriously pruned. Demand straight and honest answers from your Representative and Senator (if it is at all possible), and keep your ear glued to whatever voice of reason you can find.  Folks, another shoe is about to drop, so listen to and watch for it. Like the Who song says “We won’t get fooled again!”


Time to Let the Dogs Loose


It seems every day brings so much more news about government intrusion that it’s hard to keep up. The President’s statements telling us that it’s no big deal, that Congress has the matter well in hand, that’s there’s nothing up the government’s sleeve, only adds to the cacophony of information. As I watched Obama stand behind the podium yesterday and pontificate, I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of déjà-vu, but it wasn’t until later while draining my bowels of all the sludge my eyes and ears had ingested that it came to me: I had seen this before!

The Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and Toto are standing before the terrible and awesome visage of the legendary wizard Oz, trembling before his greatness. They had liquidated the wicked witch and returned her broom as Oz had directed, and now expected the wizard to fulfill his promise. Oz tells them he has to think about the matter awhile longer, and when the fearful group dare to confront him, Oz shouts “DO NOT AROUSE THE WRATH OF THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ!” Dorothy, as afraid as she is, shouts back “If you are really great and powerful you’d keep your promises!” Meanwhile, Toto runs over to a large curtain off to the side and begins tugging on it as the wizard bellows “DO YOU PRESUME TO CRITICIZE THE GREAT OZ, YOU UNGRATEFUL CREATURES?! THINK YOURSELVES LUCKY THAT I’M GIVING YOU AUDIENCE TOMORROW INSTEAD OF TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW!” The quivering troupe sees what Toto has uncovered: a rather ordinary middle-aged man frantically manipulating levers, wheels and bellows with his back to them.  When he realizes he’s been exposed, the man speaks into a huge microphone, and the terrible voice of Oz bellows ‘THE GREAT O HAS SPOKEN!” while twirling the controls in front of him. He quickly covers his station back up with the curtain, and the wizard screams ‘PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! THE GREAT OZ HAS SPOKEN!” By now Dorothy has walked over to the man, pulled the curtain back and confronts the obviously anxious but well-dressed man and asks “Who are you?” He stammers and begins to shout into the microphone again “I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL…” but finishes his sentence in a meek and lowly voice “Oz…” Of course, you know how the rest of the story goes.

Dear reader, the metaphors are so obvious that if pit bulls were to eat the rest of this article you would know them easily enough. The flashing lights, rolling thunder and oversized head standing alone in front of the group is the Office of the President of the United States. The Tin Man (the one without the brain) is MSNBC, the Scarecrow (who has no heart) is CNN and the Cowardly Lion (lacking courage, of course) is Fox News. You and I – citizens of this wonderful land – is Dorothy, and Toto is me and those like me who, seemingly insignificant, is able to pull the curtain back and expose the tired and frightened man hiding behind, played by no less than Barak Obama. Look, folks, I could write a PhD Thesis on the parallels between the current state of affairs and The Wizard of Oz, but I’ll let your imagination carry you through those hoops. So, the next time you see our Chief Executive waving his hands over the podium in a sweeping and dismissive gesture while telling us not to pay attention to the machinations going on behind the curtain, don’t be intimidated. Get bigger dogs.

Wolves at the Door


Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are called ‘unalienable rights’ in the Declaration of Independence, and a quick look in the dictionary tells us that ‘unalienable’ is something that cannot be bought or sold.  Unfortunately, not only is there a wolf at the door wanting to take these rights away from us, there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing inside our own house eager to sell the very same rights out from under our noses. These wolves hope that the majority of Americans are so weary and lethargic that the true meaning of these rights have become fuzzy, that they have somehow become abstract and illusionary, that they have become mere words and nothing more. Let’s pull these unalienable rights out from the shadow of neglect and into the light of reason, understand them for what they are, and then look at what the wolves within and without intend on doing with them.

Life itself is the most fundamental of all rights. We could debate all day on the essential right of a pre-birth child to live, but I’m not just talking about the right to stay alive once infused with life.  We could even muse over the philosophical meaning of what constitutes life, but the drainpipe of our conversation would get hopelessly clogged with all those split hairs. I’m talking about the privilege of self-sustainability, the entitlement (yes, I used that dirty word!) to thrive by one’s own effort, to act according to the dictate of his or her own basic needs. Who truly lives when their decisions are made for them, when they are slaves to government or religion, when they are handed what others decide should be adequate for their survival? Just recently in the news a Mr. Michael Cole from Great Britain stabbed his wife to death and then tried taking his own life because they were both on benefits and could only sit and watch TV all day and night. Life is not freedom from frustration, but freedom from despair. Life is not the right to merely have those things that sustains itself, but the right to earn them. We cannot demand that an unborn child live, but we can try to give that child every chance to fight for his own right to live. The right to life means not being deprived of it for the benefit of others.

Liberty is the freedom from being oppressed, particularly by a government or religion. Remember, our founding fathers were breaking free of coercion by the tyrannical rule of King George the Third. The right to liberty, contrary to popular belief, does not mean the freedom from all laws and governance. Liberty is choice, pure and simple. When an institution is allowed to whittle your choices away, your liberty is at stake. Recently MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry took Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book idea that “It Takes A Village” to a disturbing new level when she said that we need to stop thinking of the responsibilities of parenting as being a ‘private notion’ because (and I quote her here) “These are OUR children …We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents…and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” The government is currently working on a program that will collect individual databases on all schoolchildren under the guise of helping maximize the individual’s education, but is in essence an effort to gain more control by the state. Fingerprint all the kids, take samples of their DNA, find out what they think, how they feel, and then manipulate them into government drones. Sounds like “A Brave New World,” doesn’t it? Liberty is the freedom to raise your children the way YOU see fit, the freedom to vote for whatever candidate you want without fear of Big Brother giving you a hard time over it, the freedom to live without the daily threat of coercion. Remember the patriot’s call to “Live free or die!” Are you willing to die for your liberty?

The unalienable right for the pursuit of happiness can only be realized when the individual is free to seek his own her own bliss. The pursuit of happiness is the mantra of free enterprise, of entrepreneurialism, of capitalism and the very backbone of healthy competition. The writer Ayn Rand said in her book “Atlas Shrugged” (if you haven’t read it, stop right now before you take another breath, get the book, read it, and then send me a thousand word essay on how it changed your life) – she said “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” The wolf outside and the wolf in your midst wants nothing more than to deprive you of your pursuit for happiness, because when they accomplish that, they will have taken your purpose and with it your will. Barak Obama said “You didn’t make that yourself!” If he succeeds in convincing you of that it will be no great leap for him and others like him to tell you that the pursuit of happiness means your efforts are for the good of the whole, that you should sacrifice your own goals for the collective, that you have no right to succeed when there are others in need. Don’t buy into it!

The wolf outside the door is radical Islam. Its goal is global domination, and it wants you to surrender your freedoms and submit to their oppressive, subjugating and violent Sharia laws. Radical Islam is growing at an alarming rate; it is not shy about telling you what it wants: complete surrender to the will of their god, or death. Pure and simple.  Do not under any circumstances let the petty politics and dramas of the world take your attention off the very real threat they pose to your unalienable rights. Unless you live in or near a country that is under the thumb of these animals, you probably feel sure you won’t have to worry about someone coming along and slicing your head off. Tell that to Lee Rigby’s widow. The wolf is right outside your door, and the wolf inside wants to let it in under the guise of religious tolerance. This sheep-covered danger around you is Progressivism, the steady eroding influence of a socialistic government wearing away at your individual freedoms. It wants to reduce you to a disposable and replaceable gear inside the machine of the collective, much as radical Islam wants to reduce you to a disposable and replaceable slave to the desires and whims of pure evil. Both wolves hate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and together they constitute the vise-like jaws that want nothing more than to crush your freedoms.  Be aware and be prepared, my friends!

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