No One to Blame but Ourselves



I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had a very difficult time trying to keep from complaining, bitching, moaning and crying about all the things going wrong in this country. If I started a list, it would turn into a primer for depression and suicide. There’s so much fear mongering, pearl clutching and doomsday prophesying being spread around that I feel like I’m fighting to get out of the clutches of a tar baby. The only people who are happy are the puppet masters. It seems like our nation is that locomotive in the third Back to the Future movie, barreling toward inevitable destruction. The conductor looks a lot like George Soros. The guy feeding the engine is a dead ringer for Saul Alinsky. The metaphors are infinite, and I won’t bore you with too many of them. If you’re reading this, you’ve already demonstrated above average intelligence, a desire to learn, and a capacity for critical thinking. Let’s try to tell you something you didn’t know before you jumped into this article.

You are probably part of the 70% of the US population not happy with the direction this country is going. You’re more than likely sick and tired of political correctness, biased journalism, national apathy and a government so corrupt, bloated and dishonest that the truth is nowhere to be found. You might just want to throw your hands up and give up, because you’re increasingly surrounded by entitlement-minded, low information, low energy, narcissistic, gluttonous, mouth breathing idiots. Who seem to be the only ones willing to vote.

Aye, there’s the rub indeed. If the locomotive that is this nation goes off the cliff, don’t blame the mouth breathers. Don’t blame the Hillary zombies. Don’t blame the Liberal press. Don’t blame the Progressive agenda of almost every college and university. Don’t blame Trump. This is who to blame: OURSELVES.

Oh, so you’re going to vote Republican in November? Good for you, but sorry I’m all out of lollipops. Guess what, my friend. There’s a fellow sitting in your pew every Sunday who isn’t going to vote because his guy wasn’t the nominee, because Trump isn’t a salt and light Christian, because he doesn’t understand that his inaction insures an idiot’s vote goes uncontested. There’s a lady who works in your office that can’t vote for Trump because she believes the lies about Trump being misogynistic. There’s an African-American neighbor who has voted for the Democratic ticket election after election because that’s the political party he’s expected to vote, and because he’s been told that not only is Trump a racist (which he is NOT – provide proof if you believe otherwise), but the entire Republican party is as well (again, NOT true). There’s a Hispanic neighbor also who wouldn’t vote for Trump if he were the last man on the planet because he keeps hearing how Trump hates Hispanics. News flash: Trump doesn’t hate Hispanics. What he and you don’t like is to see our country being overrun by illegal aliens, and eventually terrorists. Keyword: ILLEGAL. For this country work properly, we must adhere to the Rule of Law, plain and simple. There’s that Islamic cashier at the store you frequent who refuses to vote for Trump, afraid if he becomes President it will be open season on Muslims. We just want to know who’s coming into our country; we need to know how to keep the bad guys out while allowing the good guys in. There is your own son who has never voted because he’s under the illusion that all politicians are made from the same crooked cookie cutter. There is your own wife who will not vote because she’s convinced the Electoral College runs the show.

You understand how important this election is. The people in your life do not. Don’t just cry in your corn flakes, brother – educate those in your sphere of influence. Read, study, become informed, know the facts, don’t give up as soon as you hear a lame excuse. Be prepared to face incredible opposition, because the other side is determined to win at all costs. Stoke that fire in your belly and ALSO become determined to win at all costs.

The stakes could not be higher. The train is screaming toward annihilation. If YOU cannot get out the vote, if YOU can’t enlighten your friends and neighbors, if YOU don’t convince the fencesitters in your life to throw the switch, our Constitution will be ripped to shreds. If Hillary Clinton is allowed to become President, brace yourself for a great fall. It’s not enough that you vote, fellow American. You have to, for the sake of our nation, do everything you can to wake up those around you. It will be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done, but we need all the help we can to pull the brake lever.

Every. Vote. Counts.


Benghazi Unanswered – A Guest Post


Benghazi Unanswered

By Lincoln Adams and Allen Gray

Part I

This is a three-part paper on the still unanswered aspects of the Benghazi attack. In Part 2 available response assets and their subsequent locations and approximate time it would have taken to save four American lives are discussed. The third and final segment provides a look at what tools the Obama Administration used in its manipulation of the media in an effort to shape public opinion, distort truth, misplace blame, and lie.

The total time elapsed between initial reports of gunfire, explosion, a large armed group entering compound and the time Ambassador Stevens’ disappearance was 4 hours and 50 minutes – something doesn’t make any sense here!

The events of September 11, 2012 are still topics of conversation; not just around the water cooler, but in the mainstream media and political circles as well. We are talking about the tragic events in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans were murdered including the first American Ambassador to be assassinated in a terrorist attack since Adolph Dubs (a United States Ambassador to Afghanistan) was assassinated in 1979 during an attempted kidnapping.

The public has endured conflicting reports from the Obama Administration, the media, the Department of State, the CIA, contractors, as well as those pretending to be witnesses. Do the American people want to know the truth, or is this story still in the media for politically driven and long-term campaign reasons? Or has it been continually downplayed for the same?

How would the Obama Administration’s foreign policy have looked if during a campaign where the American public were repeatedly inundated with the claim that “Al Qaeda has been decimated”, and, after publicly supporting and financially aiding the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Morsi government?

After the attack, various members of the Obama administration began stating the reason for the attack was solely an anti-Muslim video “Innocence of Muslims”. According to multiple web sources however, there were no protesters at the Benghazi consulate prior to the attack. Even though the Obama administration and the Department of State, most notably Hillary Clinton, repeatedly said the attackers joined an angry mob that formed in opposition to the anti-Muslim film that triggered protests in Egypt and elsewhere. However, a State Department briefing on the 9th of October 2012 (nearly a month after the attack) mentions nothing about an angry mob forming outside of the compound. Even Libya’s President Mohammed el-Megarif said this was a pre-planned the attack. The State Department disclosed this fact Oct. 9 — nearly a month after the attack.

The American public, and the world for that matter, were repeatedly told that the Benghazi attack was the result of a low-budget anti-Muslim video which over the period of almost two years has been proven to be incorrect.

According to a January 13, 2014 report by Fox News, General Carter Ham, commander of the U.S. Africa Command during the time of the Benghazi attack, said “The White House knew 15 minutes into the attack that it was the act of terrorists and not a protest over a video” while Testifying under oath before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation on June 26. Gen. Ham said he learned about the assault within 15 minutes of its initiation through a call he received from the AFRICOM Command Center.

My first call was to General Dempsey, General Dempsey’s office, to say, ‘Hey, I am headed down the hall. I need to see him right away,'” Ham told representatives “I told him what I knew. We immediately walked upstairs to meet with Secretary Panetta.”

Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee Howard McKeon, broached the proverbial million-dollar question of whether senior Obama administration officials had any reason to believe that the assault stemmed from a demonstration over an anti-Islam video produced in America.

Ham went on to state under oath that he, General Dempsey and Secretary Panetta informed the President that it was in fact a terrorist attack.

Several aides to the president and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly told the public the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans was the result of a protest gone wrong. The Obama administration ultimately acknowledged that its early narratives on Benghazi were untrue.

The Administration was very slow to acknowledge that this terrorist act was premeditated – going so far as to downplay reports that it was indeed a terrorist attack. President Obama said several times this was an act of terror but never came out and said it was indeed a terrorist attack.

The AFRICOM Commander knew it was a terrorist attack and not the result of a video, likewise so did General Dempsey, and Secretary Panetta who in turn briefed the White House as such. Not only did they know specific details about the attack, they also had nearly five hours to respond and chose not to.

According to the web site, there was a time span of approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes from the time the initial gunfire and explosions were reported at the front gate of the compound at 3:40pm, to the time Ambassador Stevens disappeared.

The White House knew within minutes of the attack that Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility and in a span of 4 hours and 50 minutes could neither coordinate a rescue or muster a response beyond that of blaming a low-budget anti-Muslim video.

Part II

In a span of 4 hours and 50 minutes, the Obama administration not only knew the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was under a well-organized and armed attack but, also had American military assets available and with enough time to respond and saved the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

The lingering questions are; why blame a video, why was there no armed response when help was available, and was it merely viewed by the White House as an election year inconvenience?

O! What a fall was there, my countrymen, then I, and you, and all of us fell down, whilst bloody treason flourished over us.  —William Shakespeare “Julius Caesar,” Act III, Scene II

First, let’s take a look at the timeline of events that happened that fateful day. (Courtesy of Focusing on the span of time between the initial attack at 3:40pm and the time of Ambassador Stevens’s disappearance at 8:30pm, there is a window of 4 hours and 50 minutes.

  • 3:40 p.m.: (Gunfire and explosion) Main gate camera shows large number of armed men, flowing into the compound.
  • About 4 p.m.: Approximate time of attack; compound began taking fire
  • 4:15 p.m.: Attackers gained access to the building
  • Between 4:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m.: Sean Smith found dead.
  • About 4:45 p.m.: U.S. security personnel try but fail to regain control of the main building.
  • About 5:20 p.m.: U.S. and Libyan security personnel secure the main building.
  • Around 6 p.m.: Consulate under fire for two hours killing two and wounding two U.S. personnel.
  • 6:07 p.m.: State Department emails White House, Pentagon, FBI and other agencies stating Ansar al-Sharia claimed credit for the attack.
  • About 8:30 p.m.: Ambassador Stevens disappears.

Shortly after the attacks in Benghazi, President Obama resorted to near campaign-like rhetoric while all the while contradicting the usual Whitehouse and CIA redacted talking points, alluding to the Benghazi attack as an “act of terror”.—“I want people around the world to hear me: To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished.”

After the attacks, various members of the Obama administration repeatedly stated the reason for the attack was an anti-Muslim video entitled “Innocence of Muslims” repeatedly saying the attackers joined an angry mob that formed in opposition to the video that in turn triggered protests in Egypt and elsewhere. Surveillance footage from the compound security cameras however showed there were no protesters at the Benghazi consulate prior to the attack.

Still, did President Obama and his administration officials knowingly mislead the public by initially claiming the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi began “spontaneously” in response to an anti-Muslim video?

The Administration was slow to acknowledge that this terrorist act was premeditated – going so far as to downplay reports that it was indeed a terrorist attack. President Obama said several times this was an act of terror but never came out and said it was indeed a terrorist attack.

Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, was the first administration official to call it “a terrorist attack” during a Sept. 19 congressional hearing. “Yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy” Olsen said. “We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda’s affiliates; in particular, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.”

Even though President Obama has continually refused to acknowledge that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, many members of his administration have since switched their positions and are beginning to state what many already knew to be true.

According to a January 13, 2014 report by Fox News, General Carter Ham, commander of the U.S. Africa Command during the time of the Benghazi attack, the White House knew 15 minutes into the attack that it was the act of terrorists and not a protest over a video. Testifying under oath before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation on June 26, Gen. Ham said he learned about the assault within 15 minutes of its initiation through a call he received from the AFRICOM Command Center.

“My first call was to General Dempsey, General Dempsey’s office, to say, ‘Hey, I am headed down the hall. I need to see him right away,'” Ham told representatives “I told him what I knew. We immediately walked upstairs to meet with Secretary Panetta.”

Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee Howard McKeon, broached the proverbial million-dollar question of whether senior Obama administration officials had any reason to believe that the assault stemmed from a demonstration over an anti-Islam video produced in America.

Ham went on to state under oath that he, General Dempsey and Secretary Panetta informed the President that it was in fact a terrorist attack.

Several aides to the president and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly told the public the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans was the result of a protest gone wrong. The Obama administration ultimately acknowledged that its early narratives on Benghazi were untrue.

The AFRICOM Commander knew it was a terrorist attack, and likewise so did Gen Dempsey, and Secretary Panetta who in turn briefed the White House as such.

So if the White House knew it was a terrorist attack against Americans, executed on the anniversary of 911 and, while we are still fighting a war on terror; why weren’t assets in country, in the Sinai, in Aviano, Italy, or in Albania mobilized for extraction?

There were military assets from Aviano Air Base in Italy, a 2hr 20min flight away, as well as local US State Department trained Libyans available for activation so why were they not utilized? It is also worth noting that the United States has been deploying troops to the Sinai Peninsula as Multinational Force Observers since the Israel-Egypt Peace treaty was signed in 1979. It is roughly a 2hr 42min flight from Cairo to Tripoli. Any of these assets could have been mobilized if for no other reason than to push back the assault and offer some form of otherwise denied protection.

As recently as October 30, 2013, reports surfaced that there were in fact some assets put into play as a response—two Navy Seals. That’s right, two Navy Seals against a “large group of well-armed men”. All bravado aside, a ratio of 20/2 is apparently what the US State Department deems an appropriate and measured solution to the “what difference does it really make equation” of four American lives in grave danger.

Moreover, U.S. Special Forces assets were conducting training exercises in regions of Europe close to Aviano Air Base in Italy at the time of the attack, and yet again, someone chose not to mobilize them. It is a distance of 420 miles and a time of roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The U.S. State Department felt there were enough security assets in place. In response to why no American military assets were mobilized in response to the attacks, the State Department went so far as to say:

“Security special agents and four members of the Libyan Government security force, which I will henceforth call the 17thFebruary Brigade. It is a militia, a friendly militia, which has basically been deputized by the Libyan Government to serve as our security, our host government security. In addition to all those, there is an additional security force at another U.S. compound two kilometers away. It serves as a rapid reaction force, a quick reaction security team – a quick reaction security team, okay?”

The fact of the matter is the current administration refused to increase security in Benghazi even after being warned repeatedly that things were getting bad. The Department of State had plenty of locally trained assets on the ground but also had ample time to send in a military response. As a result of political assumptions, four Americans were murdered and no one has been brought to justice.

The war in Afghanistan is winding down. Al Qaeda has been decimated.”
~President Barrack Hussein Obama, during a
2012 campaign stop in Wisconsin.

According to anonymous intelligence sources, Ansar al Sharia, the al Nusra front, and al Shabaab, groups that were all involved in attacks on U.S. facilities in September of 2012, are all terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. Terrorist group Ansar Al Sharia, with the support of Al Qaeda, and as verified by the pre-redacted CIA talking points to Susan Rice, were behind the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

A Pentagon report from August 2012 stated that al Qaeda senior leaders and the group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) sought to take advantage of the Libyan Revolution to recruit and reinforce their operational capabilities. The report also stated that AQIM had formed sleeper cells that were “probably connected to an al Qaeda underground network in Libya to secure the supply of arms for its ongoing jihadist operations in Algeria and the Sahel.”

The al Qaeda clandestine network is currently in an expansion phase, running training camps and media campaigns on social-media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube,” the report said. “However it will likely continue to mask its presence under the umbrella of the Libyan Salafist movement, with which it shares a radical ideology and a general intent to implement sharia in Libya and elsewhere.”

According to CNN, the Obama administration not only knew that Ansar al Sharia was responsible but, was also aware that special operations forces were ready, if ordered, to enter Benghazi and capture Ahmed Abu Khattalah, a leading figure in the Ansar Al-Sharia militia. That particular mission however, never materialized allegedly “because there was so much publicity inside Libya and in the western press about the al-Libi capture.”

Within the U.S. intelligence community Ansar al Sharia and Al Qaeda are widely considered to be one and the same. In fact, Osama bin Laden himself called on Al-Qaeda to change its name to Ansar Al-Sharia. The logic was that if the U.S. declared war on Ansar Al-Sharia, it would be declaring war on Sharia law, which would make recruiting terrorists an easier pursuit.

Essam Haddad, the former Chief of Staff to Mohammed Morsi, the deposed Egyptian and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated dictator openly supported by the Obama administration, is the first cousin of Ayman al-Zawahiri a former top Al Qaeda leader. In fact, a report by Catherine Herridge of Fox News includes an official acknowledgment by U.S. officials and the House Intelligence Committee chairman that two suspects in the Benghazi attacks are associated with “Al-Qaeda core”.

According to former Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI) officer Ahmed Moussa, the person directly responsible for killing Ambassador Stevens was one Mohsen Al-Azazi. Al-Azazi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood has known ties to Al Qaeda.

Moussa, speaking on the Tahrir TV channel stated, “Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi, and you know who killed him, the U.S. administration knows who killed him, and you know how he was killed and it was a major strike against the U.S. administration, and all of you. He’s affiliated with Al Qaeda in Libya; his name is Mohsen Al-Azazi”.

If this information is in fact true, it ties the Muslim Brotherhood directly to anti-American terrorism and effectively counters the Obama administration’s policies in dealing with the MB.

Driven by the chaos of Arab Spring violence and a noticeable decrement of U.S. Middle Eastern influence, the Al Qaeda terrorist network remains far from decimated. During the first week of January 2014, al-Qaeda took control of the Iraqi districts of Fallujah and Ramadi, cities that were liberated from jihadi control by American troops during the Iraq War.

Another reason for recent Al Qaeda advances is its adoption of less a top down leadership style and more a bottom-up operational format—a leaderless structure that minimizes the significance of the core Al Qaeda element according to Katherine Zimmerman of the American Enterprise Institute.

The current shift in tactics has afforded the terrorist group the ability to lead a skeletal existence and survive the last 12 years intact; a fact that lies in stark contrast to the “Al Qaeda has been decimated” campaign statement so often heard from President Obama’s’ 2012 re-election campaign further underscored by the January 7th CNN report, ‘Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East’.

In as far as why four Americans were abandoned and murdered, why the survivors of the attack are still being secluded from public access, and why General Carter Ham and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette were arbitrarily relieved following the attacks—the seepage of truth emanating from the current and less than transparent administration is adding up to a shameful chapter in American and world history.

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.” ~Barack Obama, August 2010, Long Island, NY

Since the events in Benghazi, Libya has become a terrorist training hub. The Obama administration has blamed a video, failed intelligence, the fog of war, and random acts of violence for the murder of four Americans, has held the survivors in sequestration, and held no one who was in office during the time, accountable.

Throwing fuel onto the fire is the growing belief that the Obama administration blatantly refused to protect Americans in Libya because they did not want to publicly turn on the very government they openly supported the implementation of. In a detailed examination of available video footage from the attack, one participant in the Benghazi attacks is heard to shout out on a video made at the time “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us!” (”Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna!”) according to noted middle-eastern experts Walid Shoebat and Cynthia Farahat. “Dr. Morsi,” is a reference to deposed Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi.

With regards to the above mentioned ‘theory’, it is worth noting that the Obama administration provided Egypt’s Morsi-led Muslim Brotherhood government an emergency cash cocktail of $450 million barely two weeks after the Benghazi attack occurred. Obama also sent some 400 Fort Hood, Texas based troops to Egypt on a “peace keeping mission”. So what was the purpose of this peace keeping mission?

Part III

The attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 were indeed a very dark day in our nation’s history. Four Americans were brutally murdered by terrorists and yet, nobody has been brought to justice for this disgusting act. The American people not only deserve answers as to why this attack happened, but also deserve to see those responsible brought to justice.

As we discussed in Part 2, the White House knew within minutes of the attacks in Benghazi, that Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility and, in a span of 4 hours and 50 minutes, refused to coordinate a rescue or muster a response beyond that of blaming a low-budget anti-Muslim video. The American taxpaying public was inundated with election year proclamations of Al Qaeda’s demise, repeated assertions that a video was to blame, the absurd idea that the murder of four innocent Americans really did not matter and that the February 17 Brigade was sufficient enough security.

Intelligence findings have found that the White House knew within minutes of the attack, who was conducting the attack and that U.S. military assets were readily available and could have been deployed but were not due to a State Department belief that the “February 17” Brigade was ample enough security and response.

The Senate Intelligence Committee tasked with investigating the Benghazi attack released a comprehensive report finding the tragedy “preventable” and denoting that the administration failed to respond to “ample” advance warnings of security deterioration. The report faulted both the State and Defense departments and also cited the failure of the Obama administration to bring those responsible to justice.

Since the attack on the Benghazi consulate, certain facets of the American media have contributed substantial time and effort to portraying Benghazi as a trumped up Right wing political conspiracy. These political subjugates have even gone as far as to levy personal attacks on those who dared report the truth intended to end professional careers and sadly, even slander the family members of said purveyors of truth engaging in acts of intimidation on their families in the privacy of their own homes.

Who is Media Matters?

MEDIA MATTERS: George Soros funded and Hillary Clinton organized parrot organization run by David Brock.

Through in-depth investigation and analysis, Principle News uncovered information that individual members of the media who once berated the Democratic Party (mainly Hillary Clinton) as well as one hedge fund mogul are now dumping millions of dollars in to smear campaigns against anyone that has something to say about these attacks.

One of these organizations, co-founded by Hillary Clinton and led by David Brock in 2004 is Media Matters for America, a so-called “political rapid-response website” for the Democrats’ Shadow Party operation.

The core pillar of this organization’s existence is not to state corroborated fact but to parrot anti-conservative themes and messages to, in their own words “counter news or commentary presented in the media that is not accurate, reliable, or credible.”

Media Matters, although a non-profit organization, has received substantial donations over the past few years. Most notably their largest donations came from hedge fund multi-billionaire George Soros and former Bill Clinton chief-of-staff John Podesta who helped Brock raise $2 million for this venture. Some of the other beneficiaries of the Soros philanthropic agenda are such entities as: NBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Columbia School of Journalism, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists, National Public Radio, The American Prospect magazine, the Nation Institute, the Media Fund, the Independent Media Institute, and, Media Matters For America.

Case in point, in October 2010, Soros announced that he would soon donate $1 million directly to Media Matters and in May 2011, the Media Research Center reported that from 2003-2011, Soros had spent more than $48 million “funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news — journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations.”

Interestingly enough, according to papers filed with the SEC, Soros purchased nearly 2 million shares Halliburton in the fourth quarter of 2006—an organization repeatedly attacked by the very media outlets Soros supports financially.

In October of 2013, the MRC Business and Media Institute reported that George Soros officially accepted a position within the National Finance Council of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, a group paving the way for a 2016 presidential run for the former first lady and Secretary of State.

According to the website Discover the Networks, prior to co-founding Media Matters, CEO David Brock consulted with a number of leading Democratic Party figures, including former Senator’s Hillary Clinton and Tom Daschle as well as former Vice President Al Gore. The fledgling Media Matters has also received more than $2 million in seed donations from a roster of affluent donors including Susie Tompkins Buell, co-founder of the fashion company Esprit and a close ally of Hillary Clinton.

Once fired for lying and other unethical behavior during the Watergate investigation, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to Jerry Zeifman—a lifelong Democrat who supervised Hillary’s work on the committee—was fired because “she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Also standing behind Brock however is John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton administration and head of the progressive think tank, the Center for American Progress. In 2004 Podesta provided Brock with office space for his new enterprise while Hillary Clinton played a key supporting role stating in front of an audience of left-wing bloggers that she had “helped to start and support” Media Matters.

In a NBC News report from 2007, Hillary states:

“I only wish that we had this active and fighting blogosphere about 15 years ago because we have certainly suffered over the last years from a real imbalance in the political world in our country. But we are righting that balance — or ‘lefting’ that balance — not sure which, and we are certainly better prepared and more focused on taking our arguments and making them effective and disseminating them widely and really putting together a network in the blogosphere in a lot of the new progressive infrastructure –institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress (2:46).

Who is David Brock?

Working as a research assistant for Democratic political operative Sidney Blumenthal, a former top advisor and confidante to President Clinton, Brock published his 2004 book about the Clinton administration scandals, The Clinton Wars. It was at this time Blumenthal conceded that Brock had helped him construct a partisan narrative that painted Clinton’s critics as agents of a well-organized ideological onslaught laying siege to the office of the presidency.

In April 2008, Brock collaborated with billionaire donor George Soros to launch a four-month, $40 million media campaign designed to publicly discredit Republican presidential candidate John McCain. In addition, Brock founded American Bridge 21st Century, a self-described “progressive research and communications organization” that conducts opposition research designed to help Democratic political candidates in 2010.

Later the same year, Brock, hospitalized in the past for mental health issues, became increasingly concerned that right-wing assassins were targeting him. By that time, Brock had armed his assistant who had no permit to carry a concealed firearm with a Glock handgun. Between his assistants’ early 2009 arrival and late 2010 departure from Media Matters, he also acquired a shotgun for Brock’s protection. The problem; firearm possession in Washington, D.C. constitutes multiple felonious federal offenses.

David Brock and Media Matters for America have been enjoying a political victory after aggressively engaging in what can only be viewed as actions of a well-organized ideological onslaught laying siege to the tenets of truth in reporting and ultimately forcing CBS News to retract its 60 Minutes story about Benghazi. The biggest fault with the Media Matters “point” is that it is analogous to finding one cracked brick in the Great Wall of China and screaming, “It’s no good”. This speaks more to Brock’s mental health issues than anything else given that the entire Media Matters argument centered on a person who said he returned to the Benghazi compound to fight but in actuality did not. This hardly constitutes a lie on the part of the 60 Minutes team.

With Media Matters for America, Brock has opportunistically targeted selected members of the conservative media in an attempt to discredit and discard their stories. Despite Brock’s self-chronicled dishonesty and volatile, erratic and increasingly paranoid behavior, Media Matters’ relentless attacks on conservatives in the media has at times done real damage to individuals and organizations.

The Scavengers

Enter wannabe spy and disgraced former military intelligence officer Jeff Stein. Stein took it upon himself to not only jump on the coat tails of his Media Matters deity in attacking a CBS reporter via blogs and any other rag that deemed his opinion of merit, but also, chose to engage in acts of domestic intimidation going after the reporter’s family and in the privacy of their own home.

While the CBS reporter was not at home at the time, Stein took advantage of an unwitting housekeeper to gain access to the home while her husband was in the shower and their children were upstairs playing in their bedrooms.

Normally, the idea of someone paying an unannounced visit would generate little concern but it is Mr. Stein’s apparent need for attention and need to “share” the experience via social media denotes an insecure and bitter bully with indications of closeted narcissistic rage.

Mr. Stein stated via his Twitter account:

According to several psychological and military professionals interviewed by Principle News, Stein, who is staunchly anti-Republican, is a “gotcha” type of person who is obsessed with “spy business” and is largely assessed as being narcissistic, bitter, and a closet Machiavellian.

To paraphrase the words of Mark Finkelstein—good natured advice to reporters attempting to save otherwise obsolete careers—instead of quoting blogs as “anonymous sources” and attempting to engage in acts of malicious intimidation against former members of Army Special Forces, keep your facts straight yourselves and tread not into the realm of family bearing malicious intent.

Aside from the obviously self-serving and desperate reasons, Mr. Stein chose to engage in acts of intimidation against a member of the press and family. In stark contrast, it is interesting how in a matter of weeks one dreg of a blog writer could manage to find so much information on a reporter’s family but in six years never bothered to validate the very criminals he is protecting?

So Who and What Was Behind the Benghazi murders that the Obama Administration Is So Worried About?

(ED) The White House knew within minutes of the attacks in Benghazi who was responsible and, in a span of 4 hours and 50 minutes, could neither coordinate a rescue or response beyond that of blaming a low-budget anti-Muslim video.

The American taxpaying public was inundated with election year proclamations of Al Qaeda’s demise, repeated assertions that a video was to blame, and the absurd idea that the murder of four innocent Americans really did not matter.

Intelligence findings have found that the White House knew within minutes of the attack, who was conducting the attack and that U.S. military assets were readily available and could have been deployed but were not due to a State Department belief that the “February 17” Brigade was ample enough security and response.

The Senate Intelligence Committee tasked with investigating the Benghazi attack released a comprehensive report finding the tragedy “preventable” and denoting that the administration failed to respond to “ample” warnings of security deterioration. The report faulted both the State and Defense departments and also cited the failure of the Obama administration to bring those responsible to justice.

Media puppeteer and “evil 1 percenter” multi-billionaire George Soros lined up to shape public perception of the Benghazi murders and protect their beloved demented agenda jockey Hillary ‘Benghazi Rose’ Clinton through liberal drone conduits such as the Soros funded, and David Brock “managed” Media Matters which was co-founded by Hillary Clinton herself. Jeff Stein is simply a political crumb snatcher and little more.

In the end, a video has been blamed, terrorist groups attributed, and witnesses sequestered, no one is being held accountable and now the Senior person in charge is running for the highest office in the land.


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Pulling Back the Curtain


Can anybody tell me why Michael Brown’s mother was standing on the stage of the Democratic National Convention? If you plan on telling me “because he was a black man shot and killed by a police officer,” save the keyboard time because you’ll expose your shallow ignorance. After this article, if you insist on using that excuse to explain why Michael Brown’s mother was on the stage, please do so. I want to warn you, though, that whoever chose her to stand up on that stage should be fired for incompetence and even political sabotage, because in reality, she was the WORST person they could have chosen. According to a Washington Post article dated February 8, 2016 called “Black and Unarmed: Behind the Numbers“, there were 986 people shot by cops in 2015. The event planner could surely have picked a much better representative from among the other 985 individuals. As a literal matter of fact, once I lay down the truth on you, you may still be shallow, but you’ll definitely be a lot less ignorant.

I have absolutely nothing against Michael Brown’s mother. Poor soul. Her son is dead and now she’s being taken advantage of by those whose only goal is to breed and advance lies and myth. Her son may have been a gentle giant, but the day he was killed he acted more like a predatory, rabid bear. The day he died he was anything but a gentle giant, In her heart she knows this. A mother knows. A mother will also spend the rest of her life trying to beat the ugly truth down. Whoever talked her up on that stage wants nothing more than to help her – and the rest of the world – bury the truth. It’s one thing for a mother, who undeniably and unconditionally loves her children, to remember the good, kind, loving things they do while at the same time forget the bad; it is, however, another thing altogether to have the bald-faced wickedness of a political agent attempting to further their lies and misinformation at the expense of a grieving mother. The buck stops at Hillary Clinton in this instance. Shame, shame, shame on you, Hillary! Michael Brown’s mother is more fit to be President of the United States than you.

We already know the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown was in imminent fear of his life. A grand jury and the US Department of Justice concluded that the shooting was justified. The evidence backed it up. Michael Brown was wanted in the strong arm robbery of a convenience store, and a BOLO had gone out to all the cops. It was only a matter of time before he would be apprehended, especially with him boldly walking down the middle of the street, stolen goods in hand. Michael Brown made a series of very bad decisions, and it cost him his life. But for those bad decisions, he might still be among the living today. Michael Brown was not an innocent, passive victim by any stretch of the imagination. The lies that have sprung up since his death are nothing more than racial and political exploitation. Serious reader, if you are not a shallow, ignorant mouth breather, you’ll begin to understand how miserabley wrong it was to bring Michael Brown’s mother up on that stage.

We already know Michael Brown did not raise his arms to surrender. The entire ‘hands up don’t shoot’ narrative is rooted in a lie. Even the activists who continue to use that phrase as a rally cry are trying to distance themselves from the Michael Brown story. They’ll tell you anything to deflect its tragically flawed origin. It is another sad and morally destructive example of the lengths some will go to distribute a hateful and divisive agenda.

The very fact that Michael Brown’s mother was on the stage of the DNC thoroughly unmasks the fraudulent nature of the Democratic party. That poor woman’s presence was Toto pulling back the curtain of the Great and Powerful Oz, exposing Hillary Clinton and her progressive, liberal cronies who will not stoop too low to win. Of all the great minds that organized the emotional “Mothers of the Movement,” there was not a single critical thinker among them. Democrats would rather cling to their fabricated myth; they would rather profit from the embarrassing image of a mother whose son is being used to elicit an illusion designed to evoke outrage and injustice; they would rather drag her along as a character witness of a national tragedy still unfolding: perpetuating violence against the very agents of law and order who save black lives and who truly believe that black lives matter.

The fact is that the majority of police shootings are completely justified. The numbers are overwhelming. The shooting of Michael Brown was justified. By displaying his wretched mother to the world as one of the “Mothers of the Movement,” the Democratic party is in essence thumbing its corrupt, ugly and destructive nose at the truth for all too see. It is the proverbial pig wearing lipstick, and the lipstick being used is the blood of Michael Brown mixed with the tears of his mom.

Please leave that poor woman alone.


Hillary Clinton is Pro Abortion

pro abortion


On July 20, 2016, in an article I wrote entitled To My Christian Friends and Fellow Voters, I stated that Hillary Clinton is pro abortion. Some extremely succinct and polite person responded simply “She’s not pro abortion, liar.” Well, as they say these days, I believe I’ll ‘double down’ on my assertion that Hillary is pro abortion, while also agreeing with the comment that Hillary indeed IS a liar. But that subject is for another article. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton being pro abortion.

I found a section in Hillary Clinton’s official website labeled “Womens Rights and Opportunity,” and one of the bullet points on that page states that she “Proudly stands with Planned Parenthood. Hillary is proud to have earned the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She will always defend the essential health and reproductive care that Planned Parenthood provides for women.” The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is a Super PAC that “exists to ensure that elected officials support policies and programs that help women and their families make responsible choices about family planning and reproductive health,” on in other words a political lobby organization that tries to keep the Planned Parenthood agenda alive, which includes performing abortions. Hillary PROUDLY stands with Planned Parenthood, is endorsed by an organization whose function is to keep the right to perform abortions legal, and DEFENDS the organization’s right to perform abortions. Based on that information, we can logically assume that Hillary Clinton is not only pro choice, she celebrates the existence of a business that practices abortion. I think that qualifies Hillary Clinton to be pro abortion, don’t you?

Now that this ‘doubling down’ has produced two winning hands, I should take my chips and leave. But we’re not here for fun and games, are we? There’s nothing more serious than the systematic destruction of defenseless human life. I could talk about the ongoing investigation of Planned Parenthood’s practices which includes allegations that the US’s largest abortion provider is profiting from the sale of fetal tissue and that their abortion practitioners alter procedures in order to maximize the harvesting of fetal tissue. In 2015, an anti-abortion organization (led by David Daleiden) called The Center for Medical Progress produced investigative footage revealing how Planned Parenthood profits from fetal tissue ‘donations.’ The videos are extremely graphic and deeply disturbing. Even more disturbing is that a grand jury in Harris County, Texas cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, and instead indicted Daledein on felony charges of tampering with governmental records by making and using a fake driver’s license. Still, the videos exist and offer irrefutable evidence of the lengths Planned Parenthood will go to make money from aborted fetuses. Just this issue alone would be enough for a handful of articles exposing the organization, but in the interest of efficiency I’ve provided links above that will illuminate this. Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton PROUDLY stands with Planned Parenthood.

I could also talk statistics. The Washington Post recently wrote a fact-checking article regarding the percentage of services by Planned Parenthood that involves abortions. The newspaper looked into claims by the Susan B Anthony’s List that of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, 94% of the services are abortions. Although true in this context, by the Planned Parenthood’s reckoning abortion services only account for 3% of their total services. Even if we agree wholeheartedly with the Planned Parenthood stats, they still performed 327,653 abortions in ONE YEAR, according to their own report. That is one-third of all the abortions performed in the US. Here is another statistic, dear reader: from 1973 to 2011, there were 53 MILLION legal abortions. Let that number sink into you. I could go so deep into statistics that it would make all of our brains explode. Again, I’ve provided links for you if you chose to have your head explode. Hillary Clinton DEFENDS the right to perform abortion.

But what I truly want to share with you today, the essence of this article, is that I believe that life begins at conception, and that all life is precious. Pro-Choice advocates say that a woman has the right to do anything with her body, to include having an abortion. Rights have responsibilities, do you agree? A woman has the right to refuse to use birth control, but is there any other reason to refuse birth control than to choose to become pregnant? Fine. Choose not to have birth control, ma’am. You have that right. With that right, you consciously bear the responsibility of your actions. If you didn’t want to get pregnant, you should have prevented it with birth control. If you do in fact become pregnant, that means that within your womb a new and unique human being has been created by you and your partner, and you have a moral obligation to protect and preserve that life. This new and unique human being, this life within you, has as much right to live as you do. If you don’t want the responsibility of raising that new and unique human being once he or she is able to exist outside your womb, there are many, many women who will be eager to raise this child as their own.

But what if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, or discovers that the child growing within has severe birth defects? Aren’t these also new and unique human beings? A woman who is pregnant by rape, or who will give birth to a boy or girl with birth defects has a difficult choice ahead of her. Again, I believe that ALL life is precious. What do you think, reader?

38 states have fetal homicide laws. 23 of those states have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy. If you are pregnant and someone comes along and punches you on purpose in the stomach hard enough to cause that fetus to die, do you think that person should be tried for murder? What makes abortion any different? This question bears repeating: what makes abortion any different?

Hillary Clinton is pro abortion. She thinks that it’s ok to terminate, to kill, to murder an innocent, helpless human being. Pro choice IS pro abortion.

Hillary Clinton is pro abortion. If she becomes President, she will elect Supreme Court Justices that will advance her beliefs. More new and unique human beings will be slaughtered for years to come. Are you ok with this? Be sure. Lives depend on you.

What Difference Does It Make?


“What difference does it make?”

Those five words, spoken by Hillary Clinton on January 23, 2013 during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sum up the indifference and self-serving callousness of this woman, who was responsible for the safety and security of the Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 (less than two months before the US Presidential election, btw).

What difference does it make, Mrs. Clinton? Let me tell you. It makes a lot of difference for a lot of reasons.

First of all, it makes a difference knowing now that there were almost 600 requests and calls of concern about the lack of security from Embassy staff in the year 2012. A January 26, 2016 Washington Post article stated:

Let’s first stipulate that there is no debate that security was inadequate in Benghazi. Four Americans died. Even the State Department Accountability Review Board report that many Republicans say is a whitewash is unsparing in its portrait of Washington’s indifference to the crumbling security situation. The report said the security posture was “grossly inadequate” to deal with the attacks:

‘The number of Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) security staff in Benghazi on the day of the attack and in the months and weeks leading up to it was inadequate, despite repeated requests from Special Mission Benghazi and Embassy Tripoli for additional staffing. Board members found a pervasive realization among personnel who served in Benghazi that the Special Mission was not a high priority for Washington when it came to security-related requests, especially those relating to staffing. The insufficient Special Mission security platform was at variance with the appropriate Overseas Security Policy Board (OSPB) standards with respect to perimeter and interior security. Benghazi was also severely under-resourced with regard to certain needed security equipment, although DS funded and installed in 2012 a number of physical security upgrades.'”

It makes a difference, Mrs. Clinton, that the State Department, under your watch, chose to ignore the repeated calls for help from Americans in an increasingly hostile part of the world.

What difference does it make, Madam Secretary? It makes a difference knowing that you were aware of the events of September 11, 2012 soon enough to render aid to those besieged Americans. A frantic communique from Jeremy Bash, Leon Panetta’s chief of staff, early in the nearly eight hour attack against the US Embassy in Benghazi, proves conclusively that forces were prepared to go in and rescue those Americans. A Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team in Rota, Spain was geared up to go. A EUCOM special operations force staged in southern Europe was ready to go. Mrs. Clinton, military assets were offered and available soon enough to save lives, but the State Department dropped the ball. All it took was an ok, but it never came.

In addition to that, Mrs. Secretary, there was a Predator Drone in the area during the attack. Were you watching the events unfold even as help was just a phone call away? Were you and the Obama reelection machine more concerned about having a crisis on your hands which might have cost you votes? Only President Obama and you know, and you wouldn’t admit it to save your life. A NY Post article on October 21, 2012, said:

“The United States had an unmanned Predator drone over its consulate in Benghazi during the attack that slaughtered four Americans — which should have led to a quicker military response, it was revealed yesterday.

They stood, and they watched, and our people died,” former CIA commander Gary Berntsen told CBS News.

The network reported that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the hours-long siege on Sept. 11 — obtaining information that should have spurred swift action.

But as Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were killed by terrorists armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, Defense Department officials were too slow to send in the troops, Berntsen said.”

The Defense Department, the White House and the State Department are responsible for the death of four Americans.

What difference does it make, Hillary? It makes one hell of a difference knowing that you flatly lied to the families of the four victims three days after the attack, knowing full well that the September 11th attack was a planned terrorist action, but telling them that their loved ones died because of a stupid YouTube video. A February 9, 2016 Politifact article said, in part:

A clear picture of whether there had been protests in Benghazi didn’t come together until Sept. 15, a day after Clinton met with the families, according to multiple Senate investigation reports.

In its same-day report about the ceremony at Andrews, the New York Times wrote that information available to the White House at the time suggested there were protests in Benghazi spurred by those in Cairo, and Islamic extremists took advantage of the situation and began the attack.

Many people say Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack wholly unconnected from protests on the day of the attacks, Sept. 11, 2012. That day, Ansar al-Sharia, an al-Qaida affiliated group, took responsibility for the attack. Within the next 24 hours, we know Clinton relayed this to Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf and Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil. She also emailed her daughter, Chelsea, that night, telling her the attack seemed to have been committed by an al-Qaida-like group.”

What difference does it make, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? It makes a difference to to the US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, the US Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. It makes a difference to their families, every single day for the rest of their lives. It makes a difference to all the Americans who survived the attack. It makes a difference to the Libyan security forces who were also killed on September 11, 2012, and to their families. It makes a difference to the American people, Madam Secretary. It makes a difference because YOU could have made a difference that night but DIDN’T.

What difference does it make? It makes enough of a difference that because of your lies and deceit and inaction and indifference, you will not be allowed to become our President this coming November. You will not become Commander in Chief of our armed forces. You will not be able to live this down. You may have escaped prosecution from our justice system regarding the tragedy in Benghazi, but you have been tried by the American people and found guilty of treason against all that we hold dear. You have betrayed the trust and confidence of us all. You have shown just how selfish and self-serving and incompetent and treacherous and deceitful you really are, and for all these things you will be vilified throughout history. It makes a difference to me, Mrs. Clinton, and it will make a difference on Election Day, November 8, 2016.

To My Christian Friends and Fellow Voters



I’d like to speak to Christians now. Especially those of you who wanted a staunch and solid Christian candidate to win the nomination. I know you don’t want to vote for Donald Trump in the general election. His words sometimes reflects a man who is not washed in the blood of the Lamb. As if any of us are any better, though, right? Still, you may sincerely feel that he does not represent the values and principles of a serious Christian, and therefore you just can’t bring yourself to cast your vote for him. I’d like for you to think about it, though, because the choices made this election are going to hold influence over the lives of your children, your grandchildren, and generations to come.

You don’t need me to tell you that by not voting for Donald Trump you might be letting a vote for Hillary Clinton go unopposed. I’ve heard it said that the reason Barack Obama became President and was reelected stemmed from Christians not voting for the Republican candidate on moral grounds. Perhaps so, perhaps not. You can find arguments on either side of this issue. I’m not here to plant a stake on that. You also don’t need me to tell you what kind of a liar and crook Hillary Clinton is. Former Prosecutor and now Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie laid out a pretty good case against her at the Republican National Convention. Finally, you especially don’t have to hear from me what will happen to the moral fabric of our nation if Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States. I will say this, though, because it will affect you directly: if elected President, she will oversee the rewriting of the Holy Bible by allowing certain passages to be labeled ‘hate speech’. She will turn her head when ministers across the country are forced, under penalty of prosecution, to submit their sermons to the PC police. She will make it a crime to evangelize and proselytize anywhere in the country. She will have the words ‘Under God’ removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. She will sanction the courts to stifle the Christian voice against abortion. This is just the tip of the iceberg the Christian nation will face under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

What is worse? Donald Trump’s words, or Hillary Clinton’s actions? In Matthew 15:11, Christ said “it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” In Matthew 7:16, Christ said “You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” If we stand either candidate up against the words of Christ, they will fail miserably. What then? If we are asked to choose between two sinners, must we choose? Why should a Christian vote anyway? I found a very powerful article on the subject, and would like to present it to you to read.

As Christians, we know that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. But one of the Presidential candidates is clearly pro-abortion. This is the tipping point for me. I cannot stand by and allow someone who supports the murder of innocent, helpless humans become leader of the free world. I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, and I cannot let her vote go unopposed. If Christians do not vote against Hillary Clinton, there is an excellent chance she will become President of the United States, and the rate of abortions in this country will go unchecked.

Let me leave you with one more link to explore. It is Post it on your desktop so that you can go there often and watch the abortion clocks tic away the lives of unborn children. This is just one reason why I as a Christian am voting for Donald Trump this November. He is pro-life. Even if it were the only reason, it would be enough for me.

Pray about it. Vote the prompting of the Holy Spirit within you. Listen and obey the guidance of Christ. You cannot go wrong.

The Face of Terror


Here I sit once again in the comfort of my home, reading and watching news reports about yet another terrorist attack. A CNN anchor gives a live interview with a trembling young man – identified as Paul Delane – standing directly in front of a police barricade used to shield the press and public from the gruesome remnants of the night before. This man had been interviewed the night before on the phone, and had given an emotional account of being in a packed crowd that suddenly turned into a sea of screaming people running away from something that he couldn’t see. His trembling voice cracked as he said he began to run with the frighted throng, not knowing what caused this, but picking up on the panic of those around him. As far as witnesses go, he offered very little information regarding the actual terror attack, but as I listened last night, it was clear by his voice that he had been traumatized, his life forever altered by those moments of sheer fright, not knowing what, if any, impending doom was upon them all. Then this morning I watch as a reporter tried to bring the man back to those moments, asking him to recount how he felt as it unfolded.

Mr. Delane: “All of a sudden, we heard screaming, we saw hordes of, thousands of, seemed like thousands of people running towards us, and if you didn’t run with them you’d just be trampled yourself, so we ran along, not knowing anything, not knowing even what was going on, just trying to escape but at the same time thinking ‘well, maybe I shouldn’t be running, I should be looking for a place to hide’, because we couldn’t hear any bullet shots, the music was so loud, that there was just literally screaming and running that we saw, so it was mass confusion, and we both felt very afraid for our lives.”

CNN Reporter: “You said that you and your partner, John Pierre, stopped, and you listened to the music. Do you think that stopping and listening to the music, and staying there that moment saved your life?”

Mr. Delane (pausing for a moment, his face revealing the emotional reality of that decision): “Yes… yes, because I had just, I said to him after, um, imagine if, um, normally I don’t like crowds, I don’t like being in the middle of all that kind of, uh, folly, but I decided that, well, it was so festive that I felt reasonably safe, so we did stop and listen for awhile, but I said to him afterwards, imagine if I had just wanted to leave and just go immediately home, we could have been crossing the street, and could have been one of the victims… and I would also like to say I’m sorry to France. I love you, and I wish you courage for the future, and for all the families that were affected, and God bless you…”

Dear reader, this is the face of terror. This is what our enemy wants. In addition to the many lives snuffed out, the many injured, there were thousands of survivors who did not know what was going on, but knew Something horrible was unfolding, who were either rooted with fear and trampled, or who joined the stampeding crowd, trying to escape an unknown fate. Are you going to think about the possibility of terrorism from now on every time you find yourself in a crowd? It might very well sit there just under the surface, this wariness, this unease, this anxiety. It may fester in your mind, causing you to scrutinize everyone you see, making you take notice of exits, dragging you kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone, affecting your very existence. We are on the front line of a war, you and I. We can’t go to the grocery store, can’t take our children to school, can’t attend a football game or concert, can’t enjoy the small pleasures of life without worrying if the next terror attack will soon be upon us. We have to adopt a soldier’s mentality, scan our immediate environment, assess the threat level each second, always on the ready to react to whatever malevolence may befall us. Make no mistake: we are at war, and if you are to survive, you must become a warrior.

Our enemy is shrewd. He might look like us, may come across as the average everyday Joe. But his mind is filled with hatred, fueled by an ideology of barbaric, religious evil that has convinced him that he must kill and become a martyr to his twisted god. We can’t look into his heart. There are no neon signs pointing him out as a murderous Islamic terrorist. He is free to move among us, pretending to be our friend, waiting patiently for the exact moment we let our guard down. And we will, I assure you, because we are predictable creatures. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the flow of life, moved along by a fickle media that feeds on the drama of the moment. Last night’s terror attack in Nice, France will be nothing more than a discussion point in the weeks to come, a sound bite, a flash in the news pan. Tomorrow the pundits will be talking about whatever floats to the surface, whatever gets them the best ratings, whatever succeeds in dragging us along by the nose. Our present anger will be tamped down yet again, or worse, redirected to some other seeming injustice elsewhere. And we will let it.

We are at war, fellow citizen of the world. But here is the most heartbreaking point: our enemy isn’t just Islamic Jihadist terrorists. Our enemy is each other. We are in a war of moral attrition, and we are losing badly. Not only are there monsters in our midst, we are the monsters as well. Not only is there an army of kafir-hating Muslim extremists out to get us, we are busy holding onto labels that break us down into colors, political partys, religions, genders, sexual orientations and nationalities, to name a few, and we use out prejudice to pull us apart. Divide and conquor. It’s the best way to defeat an enemy, and damned if we’re not helping our enemies out.

Here’s part of the problem: if you’re not one of the people directly affected by terrorism, you’re probably going to act concerned for a day, maybe two, but then the tide of daily existence will drag you under into your usual mediocrity. Most of us really don’t care about what happens as long as it doesn’t affect us directly. Our society has become pathetic hedonists, floating along in our own dreams, asleep and immune to the horror of hatred until it reaches our tiny worlds. We may clutch our pearls for a second, raise our eyebrows and make some politically correct gestures to make others think we really care, but then go back to our spreadsheets, our soap operas, our YouTube videos, our drug of choice, while secretly hoping we aren’t distracted again by the suffering of others. We will have no one to blame but ourselves when someone filled with hate invades our sterile little world and turns us into the face of terror.

If you don’t decide to fight, and fight right NOW, you’re doomed to be a casualty. Sit there in the comfort of your home. Eventually the fight will come to you. Tell me, citizen: are you finally going to wake up and fight, or go back to sleep and wait until the face of terror is yours?

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Funeral Bells


Sound the requiem! Warn your neighbors! Raise the flag one last time! Our nation has been under attack from within, and now the rest of the world watches with malice and glee as we tremble and shake and sweat and stumble from the poisons which course through our Republic! There is nowhere to run now; the funeral bells have begun to toll across the land because the enemy has won, and the enemy is ourselves!

We cannot blame the executioner for our demise. We gave him the sharpened axe, we carved the block our neck rests on. We cannot blame the judge, for we allowed – and encouraged! – the laws that condemn us. We cannot blame the jury, either, for they are our own. We cannot blame the system, because we allowed jackals and knaves to create the perfect conditions of our doom. We can only blame ourselves. We let ourselves be lulled to sleep with lies and deceit. We took the stranger’s candy. We did not look both ways before crossing the busy street. We picked up the shadowy hitchhiker. We did not get a restraining order the first time we were beaten. We justified and reasoned and argued as the bus sailed over the cliff. We took the low road. We compromised our liberty, and now have lost it. Woe to our children and our children’s children, for our sins will be visited upon them for many generations! We let the wolf in the henhouse. We went swimming in shark infested waters. We stayed away from church when we most needed to go. We went left when we should have turned around, and am now at a dead end surrounded by with rapscallions, thugs and murderers. We have slept with a corpse and now seethe of maggots. We have made our bed, now we must lie in it.

Our economy is hemorrhaging from a thousand vampire bites, and the only physicians left are blind, deaf and dumb; do not be surprised to learn we are being given a transfusion of kool aid. Soon the only currency will be whatever the hyenas choose to feast on. You will watch as the military ransacks your homes and takes your guns, and then bandits shall overtake you in the dark and rob you of all your valuables and food, and there will be nowhere to go but filthy, makeshift camps where disease and starvation and hopelessness waits to drag you to a lime covered mass grave.

Our liberties are all but gone, shredded and used as fuel for the cold machine of State. Foreign troops will be welcome to march across our countryside, ferreting out the last patriots until nothing remains but smoldering sanctuaries and trampled flags. Some of us will scream our outrage, but this will mark us as the enemy to be silenced with government issued bullets. There will be nowhere for the brave to go but underground like troglodytes, where they will be hunted down and made examples of. The Constitution will become just another failed document, and our once glorious Republic will be compared by future history writers to ancient Greece and Rome. Our legacy will be one of promise and promises broken, a once healthy infant who developed cancer and died, a brave new world that withered away from fear and complicity.

Now you must choose to die alone or embrace rebirth, where neither moth nor rust corrupt. Drag your wretched and broken body to the alter and surrender to the cross, for Christ is the only hope that is left. I beg you not to die alone, but you certainly will unless you confess in your heart that Jesus is your Savior, and give your life to the One who paid the ransom for your soul. The hour of hope has passed. Lift your hopelessness up to the Lord. If you hesitate, if you delay, if you put off until tomorrow, it will certainly be too late. If you do not believe in the promise of salvation, you are lost forever, destined to watch all that you hold dear disintegrate under the boot of tyranny and time, and then destined to wear eternal remorse like a cloak of burrs. The only chance our failing nation has is if enough of us take up the armor of God right Now and fight for all that is true and holy, listening not to the sly whispers of snakes and wolves, but of the bold and eternal Word. Rise with the Elect, my friend, for the ways of men are gone. Darkness settles across the world. Embrace the Light. Please!

Revolution Against Tyranny Part One: Warriors of the First Degree Chapter Fourteen

Edwards 'transforms' into blockbuster movie set

Top sat across the table from me in the church’s dining hall three weeks ago. The only other person in the room was his darling and ever-serene wife of fifty-three years, Elsie. We all had our own Styrofoam cups – his and Elsie’s with steaming black coffee and I nursing a Mountain Dew. I had asked him to come to the Wednesday evening Bible study early so we could talk. I’ve known Top (Ronnie Hogue) only a couple years, as I’ve been attending this church that long, but we acted as if we’d known each other all our lives. Veterans tend to be like that. He was one of the lucky guys that got to play over in Vietnam back in the sixties (he’ll laugh at that when he reads it – if he gets time to log onto the internet), and then decided to stay in the Army 20 years. By the time he retired in the late eighties he was a First Sergeant, an E-8, so that’s why I call him Top. He’s put on a few pounds since then (as have I) but the extra weight just makes him look more imposing. I certainly would be honored to share a foxhole with Top. He’s in his 70s now, which would have made him a teenager when he and Elsie tied the knot, so I know she’s gone through a lot, too. Not only did they survive Nam, but a couple of tours in South Korea and Germany also. I think retired veteran’s wives should get some kind of combat pay, but that’s another article.

Our meeting, however, isn’t related to Top’s military career, although after twenty years of service, you could argue that everything afterwards is related because the discipline, the dedication, the honor, the commitment, the grit gets into the veteran’s very DNA and influences the rest of his or her life. I had asked Top to come early so we could talk about his second career as a big truck driver. There had been a fair amount of talk lately on the internet about truckers descending on the nation’s capital to protest everything from the government shutdown to Obamacare to the NSA eavesdropping on citizens or any combination of a couple dozen other fiascos going on in DC. There was a couple of Facebook sites – Truckers to Shutdown America and Truckers Ride for the Constitution – that were pushing for a three day shutdown of their own from October 11th to the 13th, and a protest in the capital with an army of trucks bogging down the area. I told him what I’d read and asked him what he thought.


“It ain’t gonna happen,” he drawled in his casual Alabama accent. “Ain’t no way they’re let that many trucks get into DC, and they sure as heck ain’t gonna quit workin’ all over the country for three days.”

I was a little taken aback. I’d never heard Top speak with such confidence about something outside of the scripture. Elsie’s eyes sparkled and she gave a little smile as if telling me I’d better listen.

“First of all,” he continued, “there ain’t anywhere near the same number of truckers in unions as there was back in my day. Most drivers work in somebody else’s rig, and if they was to up and roll into DC with the company’s truck, they wouldn’t have a job when they got back. Same thing’d happen if they set their rigs down for three days. These fellas gotta work just to get food on their family’s table, and I don’t mean 40 hours a week. Your average long haul trucker is usually gone a week at a time, then they’d be lucky if they get 48 hours at home before they have to go out again. They ain’t making a whole lot of money, either. Never did.”


He knew I had been to the 2 Million Bikers to DC, and spoke to that. “These bikers, they did a good thing, but tryin’ to compare truckers to them is crazy. Truckers’ gotta work!” I asked him what it would take for the truckers to make their unhappiness known to the government. Top sat back in his chair and stuck his hands in his overalls with his thumbs exposed. “All they’d have to do is stop haulin’ fuel and produce for a week. That would get the government’s attention! That would get everyone’s attention! Especially if folks can’t get their gas or perishables. That would do it.”


“This business of going to DC and cloggin’ up traffic ain’t gonna do nothin’ but make a lot of people mad. Most folks today don’t realize how much their lives depends on the trucking industry. Chances are, if you’ve got something, it was hauled in a truck.” He let me stew on that a few seconds as he took a swig of his coffee. “There’s only been a few strikes that’s made any difference. In ’73 a bunch of independent truckers went on strike over fuel costs, low pay and weigh stations. In ’76 the Teamsters went on strike, but it only took three days before they got what they wanted. In ’79, though, they had a strike for nine days, and that about broke the back of commerce. Food was rottin’ in stores, folks were lined up around the block for gas, it was a mess. In ’97 the Teamsters had a strike of UPS drivers for about two weeks, and that had a big impact. Yep, if you want to make ’em squirm, hit ’em in their pockets.”


Top shifted in his chair. “But it ain’t the government that’s gonna suffer. Business will, and the people will. Especially the drivers and their families. Nah, things’d have to be pretty bad to make drivers around the country strike.”

“Things are pretty bad,” I answered. “You don’t need me to tell you what’s going on, Top. We talk about it all the time.”

“Yeah, but truckers will need a good reason to strike. You let their taxes go up or the price of gas to shoot through the roof, or-”

“Or having to spend more money on their health insurance because of Obamacare,” I chided in.

“Yeah, that’d do it,too. It’s gotta be well organized, though, and it’s gotta make an impact, or it’ll be for nothin'”

We moved on to other subjects, but Top’s words struck me deep. If truckers across the country shut down, they would have to be willing to lose their jobs. It would take an entity with the funds to back them legally and insure they get their jobs back, and be willing to take care of their mortgages for as long as it took. The whole thing smacked of lawyers, and that’s a far cry from anything I had imagined. I went home that night and began digging into the world of another army of our nation’s warriors, the truckers.


To Be Continued…

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Revolution Against Tyranny Part Four: Non Violent Success Strategies Chapter Two


The First Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S. states, among other things, that “Congress shall make no law…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the…right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This not only is a political right, it is a basic human right, an inalienable right and one of the basic of all civil liberties.

We have read about successful assemblies in our nation’s Capital and elsewhere around the country since its formation. There have also been instances when assemblies started out lawfully but degenerated into bloodshed, due to the actions of those unwilling to keep it peaceful. Famous examples include the Camp Jackson Affair in St. Louis on May 10th, 1861, the Ford Hunger March in Dearborn, Michigan on March 7, 1932, the Kent State Massacre at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970 and although there were no deaths, we all remember the recent incident at the University of California, Davis on November 18, 2011 when Occupy Movement protesters were maced by police while having a sit-in. Considering that we welcome free speech in the U.S., I am sure someone will consider at least one of the above examples justified. It can be argued that a fine line exists between a peaceful assembly and an unlawful assembly, but the argument would be very short because a distinct difference exists between the two. The legal definition of an unlawful assembly is “A meeting of three or more individuals to commit a crime or carry out a lawful or unlawful purpose in a manner likely to imperil the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.” Sadly, history is replete with incidents where the actions of a few turned a peaceful and lawful protest into an unlawful assembly. This breed of scum are called agitators. Members of a lawful assembly should always be on the lookout for the unruly among them. They range between overzealous protesters to mercenaries planted by the opposition.


Just yesterday in Washington, DC, a group of citizens descended upon the National Mall to protest the placement by the Obama administration of barricades in front of such monuments as the Lincoln Memorial and the World War Two Memorial. The ‘barrycades’ (as they are lovingly called in reference to Obama’s childhood nickname of Barry) had been erected because of the government shutdown – at least that’s what the official government explanation was – although it is extremely ironic that the number of government employees used to keep the barricades up exceed the number of employees needed to keep the monuments litter-free. The protest had been organized and named the “Million Vet March,” and drew an assembly of thousands. If you really want to get down to brass tacks, the lawful assembly became unlawful as soon as the Vets began tearing down the barricades, but handcuffing paraplegic Vietnam Vets and wheelchaired World War Two Vets would have been a PR nightmare for the Administration. As it was, the protestors not only removed the barricades, they carried them to the front of the White House and deposited them in heaps there. You can’t say our Veterans aren’t thoughtful or clean up after themselves. They may have been technically unlawful, but they were certainly peaceful. We can learn from them.


There did come a time when Park Police (dressed in riot gear, complete with plastic restraint straps and pepper spray) arrived and formed a line (that’s what they do very well, btw). A few protesters began shouting “Shame on You!” and calling them Brown Shirts and other such things, but the other protesters hushed them up quickly. This is one of the secrets in a successful strategy of non-violent protests. There must be no reason for law enforcement to escalate the situation. We know that happens sometimes anyway (as mentioned above) but in today’s atmosphere of technology when everything is recorded by multiple people, a protest movement is wise not to instigate aggression. This is where the Occupy Movement failed (although they failed for a number of other reasons as well) because elements within the Movement broke numerous laws such as larceny and assault, which are just reasons for the authorities to break the protest up for good. The good citizens in the National Mall yesterday exercised good judgment and restraint, and for that I commend them.


The 2 Million Bikers to DC rally on 9/11/13 was the opening salvo of multiple waves of protesters coming to Washington DC. Some are more organized than others, but so far there has been no violence. I hate to say it, but sooner or later some jerk in the crowd is going to throw something at the police trying to start a riot. I hope the guy next to him has enough good sense to knock the jerk out and hand him over to the authorities. There is a revolution brewing in this country, dear reader. It is a revolution against the tyranny and corruption and greed and incompetence found in record numbers within our government. If we use our heads we can institute change, restore liberty and preserve our Constitution without loss of life. I hope a leader emerges (he or she might already be in our midst) who can unite us all against the forces threatening to destroy our nation. I hope we can remain well organized and civilized, because if we don’t, you know the government will have no qualms about putting the hammer down on us, and it has a BIG hammer.


Protest! Raise your voice! Keep your ear to the ground for local assemblies or national rallies and participate, please! You can get out of the house without getting out of the house by sharing information with others on the internet or donating to a cause you believe in. But listen, if a 94 year old World War Two Vet can make a trip across the country to help remove barricades from our national treasures, you can surely help in some way, too. Just remember: it’s ok to be outraged, as long as you don’t turn it into a violent brouhaha. It’s ok to shout out your protest, as long as you don’t drag us all into a bloody donnybrook. It’s ok to fight the power, as long as you keep it civil. Now let’s go out and make change we really CAN believe in!


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