No One to Blame but Ourselves



I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had a very difficult time trying to keep from complaining, bitching, moaning and crying about all the things going wrong in this country. If I started a list, it would turn into a primer for depression and suicide. There’s so much fear mongering, pearl clutching and doomsday prophesying being spread around that I feel like I’m fighting to get out of the clutches of a tar baby. The only people who are happy are the puppet masters. It seems like our nation is that locomotive in the third Back to the Future movie, barreling toward inevitable destruction. The conductor looks a lot like George Soros. The guy feeding the engine is a dead ringer for Saul Alinsky. The metaphors are infinite, and I won’t bore you with too many of them. If you’re reading this, you’ve already demonstrated above average intelligence, a desire to learn, and a capacity for critical thinking. Let’s try to tell you something you didn’t know before you jumped into this article.

You are probably part of the 70% of the US population not happy with the direction this country is going. You’re more than likely sick and tired of political correctness, biased journalism, national apathy and a government so corrupt, bloated and dishonest that the truth is nowhere to be found. You might just want to throw your hands up and give up, because you’re increasingly surrounded by entitlement-minded, low information, low energy, narcissistic, gluttonous, mouth breathing idiots. Who seem to be the only ones willing to vote.

Aye, there’s the rub indeed. If the locomotive that is this nation goes off the cliff, don’t blame the mouth breathers. Don’t blame the Hillary zombies. Don’t blame the Liberal press. Don’t blame the Progressive agenda of almost every college and university. Don’t blame Trump. This is who to blame: OURSELVES.

Oh, so you’re going to vote Republican in November? Good for you, but sorry I’m all out of lollipops. Guess what, my friend. There’s a fellow sitting in your pew every Sunday who isn’t going to vote because his guy wasn’t the nominee, because Trump isn’t a salt and light Christian, because he doesn’t understand that his inaction insures an idiot’s vote goes uncontested. There’s a lady who works in your office that can’t vote for Trump because she believes the lies about Trump being misogynistic. There’s an African-American neighbor who has voted for the Democratic ticket election after election because that’s the political party he’s expected to vote, and because he’s been told that not only is Trump a racist (which he is NOT – provide proof if you believe otherwise), but the entire Republican party is as well (again, NOT true). There’s a Hispanic neighbor also who wouldn’t vote for Trump if he were the last man on the planet because he keeps hearing how Trump hates Hispanics. News flash: Trump doesn’t hate Hispanics. What he and you don’t like is to see our country being overrun by illegal aliens, and eventually terrorists. Keyword: ILLEGAL. For this country work properly, we must adhere to the Rule of Law, plain and simple. There’s that Islamic cashier at the store you frequent who refuses to vote for Trump, afraid if he becomes President it will be open season on Muslims. We just want to know who’s coming into our country; we need to know how to keep the bad guys out while allowing the good guys in. There is your own son who has never voted because he’s under the illusion that all politicians are made from the same crooked cookie cutter. There is your own wife who will not vote because she’s convinced the Electoral College runs the show.

You understand how important this election is. The people in your life do not. Don’t just cry in your corn flakes, brother – educate those in your sphere of influence. Read, study, become informed, know the facts, don’t give up as soon as you hear a lame excuse. Be prepared to face incredible opposition, because the other side is determined to win at all costs. Stoke that fire in your belly and ALSO become determined to win at all costs.

The stakes could not be higher. The train is screaming toward annihilation. If YOU cannot get out the vote, if YOU can’t enlighten your friends and neighbors, if YOU don’t convince the fencesitters in your life to throw the switch, our Constitution will be ripped to shreds. If Hillary Clinton is allowed to become President, brace yourself for a great fall. It’s not enough that you vote, fellow American. You have to, for the sake of our nation, do everything you can to wake up those around you. It will be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done, but we need all the help we can to pull the brake lever.

Every. Vote. Counts.


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