Progressivism Stole The Handle


I just saw the 1985 movie “Runaway Train” with John Voight and Eric Rogers last night. It’s about these two escaped convicts, and they jump on a train hoping to get away, except the elderly engineer has a heart attack and dies and the train’s brakes fail and it turns into an unstoppable rocket. As the characters try to find a way to stop the train before it runs out of track and kills them, an old Jethro Tull song popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. You know how it is. The song is “Locomotive Breath” and the lines that kept bouncing around my head were “Old Charlie stole the handle and the train won’t stop going, no way to slow down.” So there I was with these images and song in my head, and it occurred to me that that our country is just like that out-of-control locomotive, except it wasn’t Old Charlie who stole the brake handle, it was the Progressive movement.

We are barreling toward our demise, my friends, and the engineer is doing everything he can to derail it so that he and his dream team of progressives can take over and let the bloated government pick up all the pieces and put them back together again while blaming conservatives for the mess, then assume total control. You see, Progressives have been trying to turn the United States into a Socialist nation for over one hundred years, and while it has made certain headways (alarmingly so) it isn’t satisfied with the speed by which this is happening. They absolutely hate Conservatives, and hate the Tea Party even more, because they represent free enterprise, capitalism, individual rights and limited government, among other things. Since Progressivism can’t eliminate the voices of reason and freedom, they’re doing everything they can to eliminate the legislative, judicial and executive brakes of our checks and balances so that we have no choice but to crash. Some could argue that the Progressive movement has practically taken over the judicial system, from the Supreme Court on down to State Supreme Courts and District Courts. Look what’s happening with Obamacare. Look what’s happening with same-sex marriages. Look what’s happening with late-term abortions. Look what’s happening to our right to bear arms. Look what’s happening with free speech. Look what’s happening to freedom of religion. Look at Agenda 21 and how it is permeating our government at the local level as it bypasses the US Congress. Look at the record number of food stamp recipients. Look at the record number of Social Security Disability claims. Look at the overwhelming number of US citizens who are in one form or another latched onto the government teat. Look at the obscene number of illegal aliens pouring over our border on a daily basis, putting more stress on our weak economy (brought about by the Progressive agenda), our overworked and understaffed health care system, and our general security. Look at how Progressivism is using the rusty blade of political correctness to keep everyone on their toes lest they get dragged through the streets and vilified by the state-controlled media. Look at the media. If you only watch CNN or MSNBC (actually, if you were to watch MSNBC you would be doubling their viewership) you would have no clue that this country is headed straight toward destruction.

This country is currently an out-of-control locomotive with no brakes, and we the citizens are being pulled along to our doom. The sad things is that most citizens have absolutely no idea that the U.S. is on a collision course with political, economic and social collapse, and Progressivism is the only entity prepared to take over in the event of disaster. Most citizens don’t know, and the ones that do don’t care, as long as they get their government check every month.

We need a strong leader who can slow the national train down and somehow, hopefully reduce the impending damage. We don’t need some slick talker who specializes in sound bites and empty promises. We need a leader with fire in their belly, a strong sense of outrage, and the courage to speak the bald truth.  Let’s just hope it’s not too late to save us. I believe we are headed to certain derailment, thanks to the incremental influence of Progressivism. Hopefully we can minimize the damage and survive. If not, this country will be completely controlled by the government, and tyranny will reign.

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