Funeral Bells


Sound the requiem! Warn your neighbors! Raise the flag one last time! Our nation has been under attack from within, and now the rest of the world watches with malice and glee as we tremble and shake and sweat and stumble from the poisons which course through our Republic! There is nowhere to run now; the funeral bells have begun to toll across the land because the enemy has won, and the enemy is ourselves!

We cannot blame the executioner for our demise. We gave him the sharpened axe, we carved the block our neck rests on. We cannot blame the judge, for we allowed – and encouraged! – the laws that condemn us. We cannot blame the jury, either, for they are our own. We cannot blame the system, because we allowed jackals and knaves to create the perfect conditions of our doom. We can only blame ourselves. We let ourselves be lulled to sleep with lies and deceit. We took the stranger’s candy. We did not look both ways before crossing the busy street. We picked up the shadowy hitchhiker. We did not get a restraining order the first time we were beaten. We justified and reasoned and argued as the bus sailed over the cliff. We took the low road. We compromised our liberty, and now have lost it. Woe to our children and our children’s children, for our sins will be visited upon them for many generations! We let the wolf in the henhouse. We went swimming in shark infested waters. We stayed away from church when we most needed to go. We went left when we should have turned around, and am now at a dead end surrounded by with rapscallions, thugs and murderers. We have slept with a corpse and now seethe of maggots. We have made our bed, now we must lie in it.

Our economy is hemorrhaging from a thousand vampire bites, and the only physicians left are blind, deaf and dumb; do not be surprised to learn we are being given a transfusion of kool aid. Soon the only currency will be whatever the hyenas choose to feast on. You will watch as the military ransacks your homes and takes your guns, and then bandits shall overtake you in the dark and rob you of all your valuables and food, and there will be nowhere to go but filthy, makeshift camps where disease and starvation and hopelessness waits to drag you to a lime covered mass grave.

Our liberties are all but gone, shredded and used as fuel for the cold machine of State. Foreign troops will be welcome to march across our countryside, ferreting out the last patriots until nothing remains but smoldering sanctuaries and trampled flags. Some of us will scream our outrage, but this will mark us as the enemy to be silenced with government issued bullets. There will be nowhere for the brave to go but underground like troglodytes, where they will be hunted down and made examples of. The Constitution will become just another failed document, and our once glorious Republic will be compared by future history writers to ancient Greece and Rome. Our legacy will be one of promise and promises broken, a once healthy infant who developed cancer and died, a brave new world that withered away from fear and complicity.

Now you must choose to die alone or embrace rebirth, where neither moth nor rust corrupt. Drag your wretched and broken body to the alter and surrender to the cross, for Christ is the only hope that is left. I beg you not to die alone, but you certainly will unless you confess in your heart that Jesus is your Savior, and give your life to the One who paid the ransom for your soul. The hour of hope has passed. Lift your hopelessness up to the Lord. If you hesitate, if you delay, if you put off until tomorrow, it will certainly be too late. If you do not believe in the promise of salvation, you are lost forever, destined to watch all that you hold dear disintegrate under the boot of tyranny and time, and then destined to wear eternal remorse like a cloak of burrs. The only chance our failing nation has is if enough of us take up the armor of God right Now and fight for all that is true and holy, listening not to the sly whispers of snakes and wolves, but of the bold and eternal Word. Rise with the Elect, my friend, for the ways of men are gone. Darkness settles across the world. Embrace the Light. Please!

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