How to Tell if You’re Talking to a Liberal


The other day a friend of mine sent me an exchange he had with a couple of folks on the Politico Facebook page. One of his comments had been reported by someone and now he was unable to post on any group or organizational page for the foreseeable future. That happens sometimes. One time, in a heated exchange, I called someone a racist and was blocked from commenting for a month because as a Conservative I’m not qualified to call anyone that. The ironic thing about my friend’s dilemma is that the person he was exchanging words with used language ten times worse than he, and when he reported that person, was told by Facebook that the other person’s comments didn’t fit their guidelines for bullying or harassment. Now, I’ve heard many similar stories from fellow Conservatives, as well as innumerable instances where Facebook has eliminated Conservative and Tea Party group pages for “violating Facebook policies” while allowing other groups to flourish, such as “The Awkward Silence After a Fat Person Calls Themselves Fat” and “It’s Really Not That Spicy. You’re Just White” and “Looking at % Instead of Price When Buying Alcohol” (well, that’s not a bad page, not really). My now-blocked Conservative friend has been an active member of many political Facebook pages and isn’t afraid to go into the ring with a Liberal. In other words, I don’t worry about him at all. He’s intelligent, articulate, well informed and thick-skinned, all positive traits for a practicing Conservative. As I went over the exchange he had with the Liberal, I began to wonder if Conservatives new to social media actually know when they’re being confronted by a true blue Liberal, and not some average numbskull mouth breather, so I decided to use some of the comments he encountered (along with others I gleaned from the internet) to illustrate the general characteristics of a Liberal and to perhaps help them avoid being blindsided with censorship or worse. I hope Jeff Foxworthy doesn’t mind my using some of his vernacular.

You know you’re talking to a Liberal when –

1. He insults your character instead of staying on topic. “You supercilious, pompous, condescending ass!” “I point out the facts, you cretin-” “Your mother must have been raped by a retarded monkey!” “You’re bald because nothing grows on poison!” This technique is designed to derail a subject that the Liberal obviously does not want to talk about. It is an attempt to change the course of the conversation and anger his opponent into sinking to the same level.

2. He uses the words “Teabagger,” “Repugs” or “Right whingers”.  The uber-Liberal actually believes this is what they are called.


3. He accuses Conservatives of being arsonists, terrorists, people with bombs strapped to their chest, people with a knife to the throat or gun to the head of Americans, warmongers, extortionists, blackmailers and of course insane. This is meant to frighten the bystanding reader and make the Conservative seem evil. These sort of Liberals consider this tactic as taking the high road. High road indeed.

4. He constantly talks about ‘saving one child’ but applauds shutting down the AMBER Alert System, or even worse, supports the murder of millions of fetuses by saying life begins whenever the parents say it begins. A Liberal also justifies barricading national monuments but refuses to secure the border. This sort of skewed logic can be deceptive at times, so be on your guard. If you are low income, a Liberal might hypnotize you into believing the only way to alleviate poverty is to tax the people who work and create jobs. It is simply an attempt to take blame off his party and onto the back of the Conservatives.

5. He uses logic and language such as the fellow my friend debated. Here, I’ll quote his entire diatribe and you decide if he is a Liberal: “Who said I was tolerant? I made no such claim. I fucking despise you rancid teabaggers for what you have done to this country, and for constantly trying to claim the moral high ground about every single issue. Did the Repugs refuse to accept the raises on principle? Did they deduct the raise and give the money to charity? Politicians of both parties are largely corrupt, but in the final analysis, the Dems are less objectionable because they have not collectively gone batsh!t crazy, and because the party has not been hijacked by a small hard core of extremists who are willing to plunge the country, and potentially the world, into economic disaster because they are trying to achieve by threats and blackmail what they lost two elections on – the Affordable Care Act. Teabagger Conservatives, living proof of wasted oxygen.” Notice how the speaker employed every tactic I’ve mentioned above. Now, I’m not adept like my friend at confronting this sort of attack, and if you’re not careful, this sort of Liberal will bully you into submission and then claim superiority. I think these sort of people believe that “Might Makes Right”. When my friend reported this fellow’s comments to Facebook, he was sent the following reply:


Be careful when trying to engage a Liberal in a political debate. Not only is he trained in the art of smear tactics (be prepared to be called a ‘racist’ or ‘homophobe’ for no other reason than disagreeing with him), he has the full support of social media organizations, which means he can say pretty much whatever he wants, and can cause you to be banished.

There are many other telling signs of Liberalism, such as believing your child needs your permission to take a Tylenol at school, but not to have an abortion, or getting all his news from MSNBC, or oppose the death penalty while shouting for the execution of George Zimmerman. So if you have Conservative values and want to share your beliefs, beware of the professional Liberal. He’s out to demonize, demoralize and destroy you any way he can. Be sure you wear the armor of Truth and wield the sword of Liberty, because you’ll need them.

3 thoughts on “How to Tell if You’re Talking to a Liberal

  1. Bless your heart.

    Remember when we used to talk about how nice it would be if everyone would just try to talk about the issues and compromise without resorting to insults and fear tactics?

    Yeah, well, Jay, my friend, I say this with the utmost love and sincerity in my heart – you’re not helping.

    • Yes, Connie, I remember those times.

      But as Jay has pointed out, folks on your side of the political spectrum don’t do that anymore. Everything he wrote in this piece is right on the money. As a 58-year-old conservative/libertarian, I’ve been in the receiving end of the kind of crap he describes for years. So if you want “progressive” and “liberal” people to “talk about the issues and compromise without resorting to insults and fear tactics,” inform them that it works both ways.

      By the way, do you know what the liberal definition of “compromise” is? Everyone agrees with them.

      That’s an issue for another post.

      Have a nice day.

  2. necromancer1943 says:

    Well lets see if this will work. Good article too. Yea look it worked.

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