Following in Hitler’s Footsteps

My sister, Marty D’Arcy recently posted a sign on Google + that I found very disturbing. Here it is:


At first I didn’t see the comparison. Didn’t want to, really. Not that I’ve ever been anywhere close to being a follower of Obama. I had just heard so many people and political parties being compared to Hitler and the Third Reich that I automatically hit the ‘snooze’ button. Also, I didn’t believe that half the population here in the U.S. blindly followed him. Well, ok, so maybe they did the first time he ran for President. But then he drove the dollar into the ground (blaming Bush the whole time) by bailing out everyone and their brother and sanctioning the Fed to crank out money from thin air, then sat back and watched as millions of Americans lost their jobs and went on the public teat in one way or another. After all, they were enslaved, right? Someone once said you don’t shoot Santa Claus, because who else would give you gifts?

But then I did a little digging, checked the facts of Hitler’s rise to power and compared it to Obama’s meteoric climb to the White House. What I found frightened the excrement out of me. You remember how the teacher would grade a multiple choice test by laying a special copy of the test that had all the correct answers punched with holes over the student’s test, and wherever there was a discrepancy, it was marked wrong. Well, Obama scores a perfect 100% when I place Hitler’s agenda over his. I found a website (you’ll learn this about me, I always cite my sources. That is so important in today’s world of info saturation) and within it a page where Hitler and Obama are compared. The site is Christian Conservative, so you’re not liable to find praise pieces on Nancy Pelosi. Here are some of the comparisons:

1. Both Hitler and Obama were great orators who spoke so passionately that people would break down in tears and faint. Even Chris Matthews had a thrill up his leg, whatever that is. Obama has the extra talent of altering his dialect depending on which audience is in front of him. I’m sure Hitler knew how to speak Low German as well as High German.

2. Both Hitler and Obama wrote autobiographies at the beginning of their rise to power. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) and Obama wrote Dreams of My Father. Both men then penned a second book laying out their goals. Hitler wrote A New World Order (I know, scary, huh?) and Obama wrote The Audacity of Hope. I think someone else wrote Obama’s books for him, though, but Hitler probably used a ghost writer also.

3. Both Hitler and Obama were born with last names which they changed later in life. Hitler’s original last name was Schicklebruber and Obama’s was Soetoro. I’d change my name, too, if it were Schicklebruber. Obama should have changed his last name to Soros, Jr.

4. Both Hitler and Obama tried to hide their true identities, but not because they were superheroes (although they would argue the point). Hitler had Jewish roots and Obama’s family is Muslim. Obama likes to pull out the Muslim card from time to time when he’s courting those heathen terrorists. Too bad he doesn’t treat terrorism like Hitler tried to deal with the Jews.

5. Both Hitler and Obama have supporters who support them 1000% without having a clue as to why. At least one lady had the courage to proclaim her love for Obama because he gave her an Obama phone. You can get one, too, if you want. I call them NSA GPS devices.

6. Hitler destroyed his birth certificate. We still have not seen Obama’s long form.

7. Both Hitler and Obama used the youth of the country to create a mini army devoted to their ideals. Obama’s is called the Obama Youth Brigade. Watch the YouTube video I just gave you the link to. Scary is too mild a word.

8. Both Hitler and Obama ruled with little to no regard for the will of the people. Obamacare? The people say “Nein!” Obama says “Too bad, get used to it!” You could paper the house with measures Obama took that were contrary to the will of the people. To him, Congress is irrelevant.

9. Both Hitler and Obama would rather not have any Jews on the planet. Obama always sides with Muslims (the Muslim Brotherhood, for example). He just doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. Not yet.

10. Both Hitler and Obama advocated murder to control the population. Obama supports abortion, even third term abortion. Snip snip, chop chop, one less mouth to feed. Makes me want to vomit.

There are more similarities on the website if you care to read it. Now I know that the quote on the sign above is right on target. Obama is weaving a web of lies and deceptions as his true nature hides in plain sight so that he may enslave the minds and bodies of the population. We are only one crises away from a police state. Look what happened in Boston, how troops stormed into peoples’ homes without warrants. They can do that in your home, too. Half the population believe Obama is the Messiah. I think he wants to usher in a New World Order, a perverted Fourth Reich, and believe it or not, I think it’s working. If I were you, I’d start hording my food and water, getting as many rounds of ammo as possible and digging in. An Obamanation is rolling through the country, and if you don’t join the growing chorus you’ll be labeled a subversive terrorist. He’s Hitler 2.0 without the goofy mustache. For now.


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