Getting What They Want


Right now, there are Americans all around you who struggle daily to put food on their table, who do not make enough money to sustain them, so they pay the rent and utilities to keep from becoming homeless and then take what little is left to put gas in the car and then spend the rest on cheap, generic groceries that will hopefully but not always stretch until the next paycheck. Chances are, the ones who are employed are forced to either work part-time and thus become ineligible for health insurance, or if they are eligible, must give a quarter of their pay to have it, and then have to pay deductibles and a percentage of the care. Usually, if given a choice between food and health care, many opt to remain uninsured and pray they or their children don’t become sick. If Obamacare is forced down peoples’ throats, the majority will have no choice but to starve, or become dependent on the government for survival. This is exactly what Progressives want.

Many of your neighbors couldn’t afford to go to college when they were young, and can’t afford to send their own children to college. If they do try to get a degree they must lean on the government for student loads and then amass a debt so large they could never hope to pay it back. Even with a Bachelors or Masters degree, there are so few jobs that the competition is rabidly fierce, and employers – whose number one priority is to make money – treat their employees as cattle because they know the workers are desperate to keep their jobs; the employers know their employees live in daily fear of losing their job, so they develop the attitude that the workers are nothing more than warm bodies that can be replaced, not worthy of respect or even their own humanity. This prevailing attitude occurs in all levels of the work force, from upper management to the janitor. It is especially hard on minorities. To the majority of Americans, higher education leads only to greater debt and uncertainty. There are only sharks and minnows in our national sea of industry. This is exactly what Progressivism wants.

Look around you. Half of all those you see are dependent on the government in one form or another, whether it be food stamps, unemployment insurance, disability or welfare. If you are one of the few who make good money and lack for nothing, drive through your city and you’ll see them. Be brave and take a bus and you’ll meet them en masse. You may live in a pocket of wealth, but everywhere around you is a growing segment of the population increasingly desperate and seething with frustration. This is exactly what Progressivism wants.

The virtues and morality that forged this nation over two hundred years ago, the deep faith in and worship of God, the precepts and examples that led our Founding Fathers to create the greatest document short of the Bible – the Constitution of the United States – are in perilous danger. Human life has been devalued and ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ has become ‘stick it to ’em before they stick it to you.’ The traditional family unit has almost completely disappeared. Hope has been replaced with despair. Children have nowhere to turn except through violent video games, gangsta rap and drugs. The very landscape of our nation’s values has been altered, and this is exactly what Progressivism wants.

The system is being set up to fail, and the government is stepping up and stepping in to take over. We are marching toward fascism, and it looks like there is no way to stop it. The institutions we have always relied on to fortify and refresh our liberties are mute and powerless. The information media are already in lockstep with those whose goal is to remove our freedom and enslave us. The middle class, that bastion of the American Dream and backbone of small business, is being choked to death with taxes and regulations. Our nation is saturated with the mold of Progressivism, and Socialism seems inevitable.

Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I am ready to fight tyranny by whatever means possible, even if it requires my blood. I am old and weak, but the Spirit of Christ gives me the strength I need to call the alarm, to pick up the flag and wave it in the face of those who hate it, to defend myself against attack, to be bold and unafraid, to support those political leaders who share my beliefs and values, to overcome.  This is exactly what Progressivism does NOT want. The time to act is now. Now!


by Jay T Harding 

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