Where Will You Be When The Lights Go Out?


It looks like it’s going to happen. As sure as the sun rises, it seems destined to happen. History has warned us over and over again, but we still race forward into the darkness that awaits us. It’s as if we are all living in the bowels of a gigantic ship, wrapped up in our own daily survival and too busy to climb to the deck and see where the vessel is plowing us toward. We’d rather let the loudest and seemingly more ambitious of us move onto the deck full of promises of ‘setting a new course’ or ‘doing what is best for you’. Once these boisterous and responsibly acting agents of our well being get a taste of life above the masses, and once they get properly plugged into the machinations of the ship, they immediately forget about the rest of us and become instant stewards of the course that has been set. Where is this ship heading? Why, to the inky void of our own destruction.

From time to time a citizen of the hold crawls their way to the deck and is able to understand the impending gloom and our doom in our near future, and they come back to try and wake the others up to the grim reality. If he or she is sufficiently alarmed and outraged, a group of likeminded inhabitants will raise enough of a ruckus that our cries of injustice will grow loud enough to reach some of the smaller machine parts and cause them to tremble, and when machine parts start trembling, it’s only a matter of time before they break down.  What does the cadre of the craft do? Why, they toss goodies into the hold such as food stamps, practically perpetual unemployment payments, welfare, free phones and low interest home loans, all mixed in with a stupendous sense of entitlement.  The machine silently encourages the media industry to provide a plethora of distractions and misinformation. The machine drenches the masses with immorality and illegality by turning a corrupt blind eye to it, even defending it. We hear phrases echoed from above such as ‘redistribution of wealth,’ ‘you didn’t build that yourself’ and ‘trust us to do the right thing.’ These mantras are spoken with such conviction and vigor that many are fooled into believing the lies.

We are told that it is perfectly alright and downright patriotic to allow a constant horde of strangers begin climbing from portholes into the hold, taking jobs that the machine assures us we don’t want to do anyway. We get in trouble when we raise concerns about a group of people who admittedly want to kill us all in the name of their God. We are ostracized when we oppose the dismantling of traditional marriage. We are chained when we oppose the murder of millions of lives through unnecessary abortions. We are reviled when we put our light upon a hill, even though that light is the only thing that will save the ship from plunging into political and spiritual obscurity.

This ship – the United States of America – is being piloted by the Prince of Darkness. Our moral compass has been crushed underfoot, and we are barreling toward a gate both wide and broad. If we are to survive we must have a mutiny, my fellow shipmates. We are quickly running out of time, though. I’m afraid it may be too late, but I pray it isn’t. Find your voice, find your light, find your courage and find your faith. This may be our last chance.


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