Our Friend Needs a Light


I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the US we sometimes have a skewed way of dealing with problems. For instance, every city – give or take a few – has at least one intersection that needs to have a traffic light but doesn’t, for whatever reason (though it often boils down to either not having enough, or not wanting to spend, money). The poor drivers who have to cross over must often wait until the way is clear, or take a daring chance and shoot the gap, hoping to make it across without hitting or being hit by another vehicle. This usually continues until enough fender benders, or a couple of fatalities, cause an outcry from the commuters or neighborhood residents that just can’t be ignored by the local council. Then you will be amazed how quickly the funds magically appear to place a traffic light up at the intersection.

In the late 1930s, Nazi Germany became quite a serious problem in Europe. Our staunchest ally, the British, pleaded for the US to step in militarily, and though we sympathized with them, we were reluctant to involve our military, especially after surviving a crippling depression and still mourning the loss of over one hundred thousand soldiers in World War I.  These were excuses made by enough isolationists to cause our government to refuse to enter into war. On Sept 7, 1940, the German Luftwaffe began what now is called The Blitz, or the systematic bombing of Great Britain, and it wasn’t until November 8th, 1942 that we finally put boots to the ground against the Germans (and it was in North Africa).  In other words, it took more than quite a few casualties for the US to throw up a traffic light.  The result of our hesitation caused significant loss of life and irreplaceable property damage to our closest friends. Thank God for men like Winston Churchill who were brave and bold and unflinching in the face of complete destruction.

Here we go again, friends and neighbors.  Our British brothers are facing a far more serious threat to their survival in the form of radical Islam. They can’t even cross the street without being beheaded.  Muslims are marching the streets carrying signs that say “MASSACRE THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and “EUROPE YOU WILL PAY, EXTERMINATION IS ON ITS WAY” and “FREEDOM GO TO HELL” and “BE PREPARED FOR THE REAL HOLOCAUST” to name just a few. Islam is working hard to institute sharia law worldwide. Let’s be blunt: they want to dominate and control the world. Does that remind you of anyone, mein freund? That’s not even the scariest part. It’s working. Sympathetic judges around the world are allowing sharia law to settle differences between people in their courts. I found this nugget in Wikipedia: “In September 2008, newspapers in the United Kingdom stated the government had ‘quietly sanctioned’ the recognition of sharia courts.”  If the British far left is anything like the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist bleeding hearts here in the states, they are probably intimidated by radical Islam’s aggression and drinking double shots of diversity and sensitivity flavoured kool-aid while spoon feeding the populace their drivel about tolerance and religious freedom. They ignore the fact that radical Islam is completely focused on dominating the entire world by coercion and force. Meanwhile, the average British citizen lives in terror. Oh, there are political parties who are acutely aware of the threat, like the British Freedom Party and the British Nationalist Party, and they are doing their best to combat radical Islam through the legislative system. Then there are groups such as the English Defense League and the 4 Freedoms Community who are constantly raising the alarm on both the streets of Great Britain and on the internet.

Meanwhile, we Yankees are milling about over here with our heads full of hearing about political corruption while there is a steady and daily increase in those who latch onto the government tit with an Obama phone in one hand and food stamps in the other, just wanting to be left alone. Reader, our friend the British are fighting for their lives as you sit here reading this article. One thing is for certain: if we sit back and let England become a slave of Islam, we are next. Don’t wait until the sword is on your neck! Join the United States Defense League (http://www.usdl.info/), sign up with ACT! for America (http://www.actforamerica.org/), find out who your state representative and senators are and write and call them, urging them to action in helping Great Britain and our own country, watch the video at http://www.thethirdjihad.com), ask your pastor to speak about the alarming threat of Islamic world domination and how it would be a devastating blow to Christianity, start a blog, educate yourself, prepare yourself for the gathering storm. There will come a time when you’ll have to cross that intersection, and I pray there will be a light to help you across.


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