Smoke and Mirrors

ImageIs it just me, or does there seem to be some kind of smoke and mirrors coming from the government sponsored news media? (that term is to be inclusive, as all the networks appear to have marionette strings attached) Some form of bait-and-switch, some sort of Menage-a-card, some version of diversion, some slight of hand? Seems we the public were given enough information about corruption and the theft of  liberty to whet our appetite for answers, but just when you think someone might get to the bottom of it all (you know, that thing we call truth, that supersedes justice?), a new story comes along and pushes the filth of corruption under the carpet. This one is called Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA employee who exposed the agency’s wanton and unprecedented collection of information from American citizens using telephone and internet surveillance via a top secret program called PRISM . While politicians call him a traitor, an instantaneous tsunami of grassroots support is overwhelming social media, and rightly so.  Collect data on the terrorists, like the monsters who detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon, not the average Joe down the street, for cryin’ out loud! We don’t even know the full scope of the NSA’s nefarious deeds, and if the major news organizations have their way, the whole mess will be buried under a cloud of accusations and espionage. The Benghazi incident was just a dress rehearsal. “It was a blasphemous movie that caused the riots.” Uh huh. That excuse was as thin as my hairline. Now the liberal media wants us to pay attention to this brave fellow’s whereabouts and activities hoping we will forget the raging storm within the Beltway.  A growing number of us (multiplying daily) see the deception and refuse to let the truth settle back in the fog of lies and distraction.

Something’s trying to be covered up, my friends, something so Orwellian and Machaivellian that even the most out of touch of us will sit up and shout our outrage. And here we thought the threat to our freedom would come from outside our borders. Little did we know our own government would spy on us, then slit our throats and hang us out to die if we don’t agree with the establishment. Thank God for Edward Snowden, not for being a diversion, but for being brave enough to point out the Emperor’s new clothes. Because of him, we are finally able to see a card up the sleeve, we are able to disperse the smoke and break the mirrors, we are able to discern the seed of truth buried in a pile of steaming manure. Don’t let the news networks blind you, my friends. Our government needs to be seriously pruned. Demand straight and honest answers from your Representative and Senator (if it is at all possible), and keep your ear glued to whatever voice of reason you can find.  Folks, another shoe is about to drop, so listen to and watch for it. Like the Who song says “We won’t get fooled again!”



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